NYU Planning Massive Silvery Towers for Downtown Brookyn

NYU wants to add an expansion to the existing Metrotech campus. There are some new renderings of what the above might look like. Drumroll please: it's going to look like a big glass tower thing. Two possibilities:

nyu poly.jpg

What the site looks like now:

jay street.jpg

Curbed notes that the NYU site for the proposed expansion mentions that they're "taking advantage of available air rights." Which is quite true, according to these renderings.

[rgray@villagevoice.com] [@_rosiegray]

Go to Runnin' Scared for more Voice news coverage.

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NYU = uncreative destruction. When on earth are they going to stop all this damned building and focus on needs they have that remain unaddressed, like: beefing up their (new) engineering unit so that Emperor Bloombucks' Stanford-CUNY fantasy school isn't necessary at all? Come on NYU and Columbia, kick it into gear, let's make NYC a STEM-center. NYU already has Courant, which could use a renovated (and much more aesthetically appealing) building right where it is!

Sal Garrapido
Sal Garrapido

Has the new building been approved? By who? The old brick building should be saved!

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