'Occupy Fountains' Ride Planned for Today in Midtown

"Occupying" is clearly not confined to Wall Street, having occurred over the weekend in Washington Square Park and, we hear, being planned for Tompkins Square Park this coming Saturday and Sunday. All the while, Occupy Wall Street Protesters are remaining at base camp in Zuccotti Park, where Mayor Bloomberg has given them the go-ahead, for now, to stay as long as they like. But the latest in the Occupying Everywhere Movement happens today, this afternoon, with Times Up, which has planned an "Occupy Fountains Ride" as an alternative to "celebrating the mass genocide of Native Americans." (The video above is of last year's ride.)

From the event's Facebook page:

Monday, October 10 · 3:30pm - 5:00pm Meet at Herald Square (triangular park) 33rd street between 6th Ave and Broadway at northside of triangular park

This Columbus Day holiday, instead of celebrating the mass genocide of Native Americans, discover the new world... of bonus plazas!

Plenty of fountains on public property for you to occupy and enjoy! Join Timesup! for another fountain ride in 80 degree weather. We will slip on our bathing suits, get on our bicycles and dive into the free, wet and wild world all over mid town!

This used to be called, simply, a "Fountain Ride," but occupying is, of course, the gerund of the moment. The question is: Can you kettle a fountain?

[JDoll / @thisisjendoll]

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At least the souls of those Native people can watch people with easy jobs and $3K/month apartments take a moment away from their iPads to splash around in Speedos, in their honor.


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