How Occupy Wall Street Got Hoaxed: The Email From Radiohead's 'Manager'

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Rosie Gray
A protester's sign at Zuccotti yesterday: "Where is Radiohead?"
There was a lot of confusion down at Zuccotti Park yesterday, where protesters -- and the media, and about a zillion music fans -- thought that Radiohead was going to come and perform around 4 p.m. They didn't, despite an Occupy Wall Street press conference saying that they would. Nobody was sure of what was going on.

The rumor took on a life of its own. By our count there were at least 1,000 people on the scene yesterday afternoon, though many of them were misguided Radiohead fans. During the group's massive General Assembly yesterday, there were calls of, "If you're here for the concert, go home!"

OWS has released a statement apologizing for the confusion, though yesterday evening consensus still hadn't been reached about what exactly happened. Hero Vincent, one of the men responsible for Occupy's PR, told us that "there were no tricks and no pranks. Just miscommunication." As it turns out, there were all three -- and we've been able to pinpoint the exact source of the mess.

Runnin' Scared has obtained the email sent to Occupy Wall Street from an impostor claiming to be Bryce Edge, one of Radiohead's three managers.

From: Bryce Edge
Date: Thursday, September 29, 2011
Subject: RE: Radiohead @ Occupy Wall Street

Dear Occupiers,

My name is Bryce Edge, and I'm one of the managers for the band
Radiohead. The guys are really impressed with what you have managed to
pull off, and they wanted to stop by and play a couple songs in
support before leaving New York. I don't want to create a big media
circus that might worry the police or endanger what you've built, plus
the band wants to play for the people who have been camped out, not
everyone in New York who didn't get a ticket for Thursday's show. I
was told this was the committee to email - do you think this would be
possible? They have some unscheduled time Friday afternoon between 4
and 6, would that work? I read that the police aren't allowing sound
equipment, but they could do acoustic. Let me know.

Bryce Edge

Courtyard Productions, Inc
8383 Wilshire Boulevard # 526
Beverly Hills, CA 90211-2425

We have the email address of "Bryce Edge," which Radiohead's publicist Steve Martin confirmed was not that of the real Edge, and we'll update if we hear back from him. We called Courtyard Productions, Inc. and were put through to an entirely different company.

Steve Martin reiterated that there was "no confirmation whatsoever" at any point yesterday that Radiohead would be playing.

"There's certainly never been a press release concerning anything in America about Radiohead without me approving it," he said.

Occupy Wall Street sent out their official statement to press last night:

Over the last twenty-four hours #occupywallstreet received several emails purportedly from Radiohead's manager detailing a show for Friday, September 30th at four in the afternoon. Due to miscommunication within our rapidly expanding and adjusting group, we were unable to determine that this was a hoax in time; it can be difficult to seperate [sic] rumor from fact in an open source movement. To insure the quality of our communications, Patrick Bruner will be responsible for all official statements coming out of #occupywallstreet.

Last night was the first time we ever got an automated email response from them.

Update 5:28 p.m.: Despite what you might read in Gothamist's confusing post on the subject, we'd like to reiterate that we were given explicit permission to publish the fake Radiohead email from a source inside Occupy Wall Street. Next time, they might want to get in touch before putting us in a post.

[] [@_rosiegray]

Go to Runnin' Scared for more Voice news coverage.

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Yeah that was a big confusion and the people were really exited   to see The Radioheads.

Regina W.
Regina W.

This is on the organizers then because they should have confirmed that it was true before telling participants and the press. 

Anyone, as we can see, can make up a fake "official" email or letter.

Rev. Rob
Rev. Rob

I think it's about time that we stop treating business as being above it all, as if only politicians are responsible for this crisis. The notion that business will do what's best for the people without government regulation is a fairy tale. I am glad people are finally bringing attention to this. So, I support them. Do you?

POLL: Do you support the occupy Wall Street movement? Vote:


This is almost as bad as the time Radiohead stopped off at a chili contest in Colorado.

Tom Nenni
Tom Nenni

I am old enough to remember the old Village Voice whose ties to the commercial capitalist society were limited and their reporting would solidly take a stand for the tired, underrepresented , anti- war, anti- wealth people who had no voice in our society. They would cover the free concerts given by the Fuggs, Greatfull Dead, Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen, Jefferson Airplane and many others who sacrificed there time and fame to help the poor, stop the wars, and support a myriad of causes that the mainstream media either blacked out or misrepresented.I am calling to the current musical groups and artists that now hold some sway over the younger folks to step forward and lend their time and names to help these idealists get the message out. Remember the rag -tag army of unorganized revolutionaries that brought our republic into being. Further, I call on the army of mainstream media, Including the Village Voice to zealously cover it...


Bryce's email sure looks like the real thing. But all these fake press releases and confirmations wear me out.

Tia Doran
Tia Doran

I was one of the people who attended to see Radiohead and had a strong sense that the organizers were in on the hoax. Some of them reassured the crowd that Radiohead was "here", "on their way" or "getting off the subway now" (okay, that last one was suspicious as soon as I heard it. Radiohead on the subway? lol!). What was odd were the protesters insisting that people who came for the band should go home. Why would they turn away potential new recruits? I wasn't mad about not seeing Radiohead. I met many interesting people and I was philosophically on the same page as the protesters anyhow, so I figured I may as well hear what they had to say since I was down there. I was glad to join the event, but I just wish the organizers didn't have to be underhanded about boasting their numbers.


so a troll was successfull The petition is slowing down sadly:(


That's the thing.  There may be different points raised with which we all might agree.  But in looking at this, I have seen many lies from the "organizers", this just being one of them. Everything from lying about the numbers present, as you noted, to lying about who some of them are and their motivations, such as the guy who claimed that the "banks" took his parents home in a defining pic (of course, we later find out that wasn't true and that they were very well off).  There are a lot of well intentioned and well meaning people who want to "end greed".  And then there are a lot of others with a lot of other causes, everything from the Socialist party to those who want to end aid to Israel. There are some folks in charge that want to use the well meaning people for their own political ends.  


Thanks for the anonymous insight, guest. It's easy to lie when no one knows who you are. 


What's wrong with the Socialist Party and ending aid to Israel?

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