Patriotic Puppy Swallows Flag Post [VIDEO]

A three-month-old pit bull in Alabama was doing what puppies do best, chewing on inedible crap, when he got himself in trouble. Blue, the hungry pit bull in question, tried to eat a flag post when it got stuck in his throat. The CBS affiliate in Atlanta reports Blue's gag reflex caused him to swallow the post and it snaked through his esophagus into the bottom of his stomach. Video after the jump.

Vets were able to surgically remove the post from Blue's stomach and he made a full recovery. As seen in the video below, someone still thought it was a good idea to put the flag post near Blue's mouth after the entire ordeal. Judging by Blue's disinterest, it looks as if he learned his lesson.

Puppy Devours Flag Pole And Lives [BuzzFeed]


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Come on ppl u need to shorten the flag pole to make this believable!!!! There is no way the pole got all the way to his legs through his stomach!!! Just saying.............. :(


you are looking at the picture backwards. Take a look again, you'll see his mouth to the right and the pole with to hook side in his stomach. Keep in mind where a dog's stomach is located.


Thank you & my apologies for my other comment!! It took a friend pointing it out to me over & over again for me to see it!! It looked like his back legs on the right to me!! :( 

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