Now Presenting the Anthony Weiner Halloween Costume

Via the Observer, this...thing:

anthony weiner costume .png

Yes, that is an Anthony Weiner Halloween costume. Who's behind this? You guessed it -- Ricky's, purveyors of the charming Anna Rexia costume.

I can't even talk about the boxers.

How many bros will wear this costume come Halloween? How many pairs of fake plastic testicles will we be forced to view?

Weiner's former seat in the House was recently won by GOP candidate Bob Turner in a special election. As for Weiner himself, he and wife Huma Abedin are expecting a baby boy.

[] [@_rosiegray]

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Headline Costumes
Headline Costumes

The problem with this outfit is that it's too close to just being a "white guy on the weekend" outfit. That said, it's topical and newsworthy, so our site likes it. If you have interest in posting about other costumes your readers should or shouldn't be, we can definitely help you there. Our first candidate: The Princess Beatrice Royal Wedding Fascinator:

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