Ray Kelly Puts NYPD Quota Demands in Writing; Rank And File Not Happy [Updated]

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Police Commissioner Ray Kelly has issued an intriguing new order to the NYPD which appears to finally put the unwritten quota policy into writing, adds yet another layer of paperwork to the street cop's job, and brings department micromanaging to a new level of insanity.

Titled "Police Officer Performance Objectives," the document states, "Department managers can and must set performance goals." Their emphasis, not ours. Now, if that doesn't sound like an express demand for precinct commanders to have quotas, we don't know what does.

Update: The Patrolmans Benevolent Association says their lawyers are reviewing the order.

And Christopher Dunn, associate legal director of the New York Civil Liberties Union, said this: "Labeling quotas as 'goals' does nothing to change the fact that police officers are being forced to make arrests, issue summonses, and do stop and frisks simply to make the numbers. Not only is this wrong and illegal, but it completely undermines the integrity of policing."

The exhausting five-page memo, obtained by the Voice, is already generating an outcry among the rank-and-file. "The job is essentially saying fuck you to the quota bill," one cop writes.

That's a reference to the fact that the state Legislature passed a law last year that bans police departments from having quotas for tickets, arrests, and stop and frisks.

"A good boss knows his cops, their strengths, their weakness and how to get blood from the stones.... I didn't need no stinkin' form to get the job done," another writes.

The order states that "proactive enforcement activities" include "summonses, the stopping and questioning of suspicious individuals, and the arrests of criminals."

A new document called the Command Conditions Report will track the "activity" of every officer in the command--i.e., arrests, summonses, stop and frisks--which will be forwarded to borough command on a weekly basis.

Each police officer in the department will have to do a daily report on their "activity."
This is called the "Police Officer's Monthly Conditions Impact Measurement Report." That document then gets forwarded up the chain via computer, which means that Kelly will now be able look at what every cop in the city is doing. Cops have to carry it around and show it to any supervisor who asks for it. And they are required to have a weekly meeting about their work with their boss.

The report has two boxes for bosses to check about the officer's work: "effective or ineffective."

And get this, the order says the report "must be neatly folded as to minimize any tears." Wow, the bureaucrats at One Police Plaza, sometimes known as the "Puzzle Palace," must be going nuts!

NYPD Operations Order

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charles castro
charles castro

Fixing a ticket is a crime it is not courtesy. The truth of the matter is that the practice of fixing ticket has been around for a long time. The difference is that years ago it happened occasionally, now it has become an epidemic.  An epidemic that is caused by the combination of summons quotas, spineless police officers and weak leadership. Yesterday there were hundreds of police officers showing support, protesting the indictment of twenty-one fellow police officers. They protested as brothers in blue in solidarity.Unfortunately, the solidarity comes too late and the signs that they are displaying are wrong, it is a crime to fix a ticket. What is not a crime is when a police officer gives a driver a warning instead of a summons. Or even better yet, the cop just gives someone a break. That is their right as police officers. New York City police officers are never obligated to issue a person a summons. Here lies the problem, today they marched in solidarity, yesterday they were writing summonses to friends and family of fellow police officers. Cops these days are a far cry from police officers twenty years ago. Nowadays, there is no allegiance, no brotherhood and no respect for one another.  Before the big protest they were writing tickets to each other’s wives, sons, mothers, brothers, etc. etc. Now twenty-one ticket fixing cops are under indictment. Many of those indictments could have been avoided had they chose to honor a PBA card; instead of trying to get credit for one more ticket towards the quota. The finishing touch! The officer instructs the driver to “have your cop friend call me”. Once that is done and the officer “takes care of that summons” the crime of official misconduct has been committed. The officer had the choice of issuing a summons or to give a warning. He chose to take the hard way out, the illegal way instead of just honoring the PBA card. Ultimately, officer’s can only blame themselves. However, what must be learned here is that the PBA must act to protect their officers so that they are not placed in precarious situations because of summons quotas. The PBA has allowed the bullying of police officers for twenty years first under the Giuliani dictatorship and now under the tyranny of Bloomberg. It is time to stand up to the leadership of New York City, the same leadership that repeatedly tells us how safe New York City is and how crime has gone down year after year yet the issuance of summonses by the NYPD  has gone up year after year. Charles Castro former NYPD Sergeant, Author NYPD Blue Lies, Board member National Latino Officer Association


U sound clueless. Stay retired

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