Rightbloggers Work on the Nixonization of Occupy Wall Street

tomt200.jpgThe Occupy Wall Street movement has spread nationally and internationally, making it hard for even the American media to belittle it.

This reality seems to have caught up to the rightbloggers who, as we saw a few weeks back, were at first eager to dismiss the phenomenon as a silly hippie effusion that was totally not as serious or important as Republicans marching around dressed like Patrick Henry.

Their response was something we should have anticipated: calling the Occupiers hippies turned out to be just the first step in what we might call the Nixonization of Occupy Wall Street.

Rightbloggers are now talking about the Occupiers pretty much the way their conservative forebears talked about Vietnam protesters -- that is, as soldier-hating pinkos who ought to go get a (mostly non-existent) job.

For example: as in olden times, there were various attempts to re-define the protesters as communists.

"Marxist Occupy Wall Street," snarled Go Lucky Donald. "Occupy Wall Street: The Red Menace Ain't Dead Yet," claimed Libertopia 2011 ("The males [not men] and women that people the protests are consistently collectivists..."). "ACORN: Puppet Master of Occupy Wall Street," said Thoughts of a Conservative Mom, who explained that ACORN's purpose is to "pave the way for a Communist revolution in America."

"Communists Lead 'Occupy Los Angeles' Movement - Nationwide Takeover Planned," claimed Trevor Loudon. His proof: some alleged commie "is active in the Occupy Los Angeles protests and has acted as a moderator for the organization's nightly core group meetings"; another is a "city liaison." Thin end of the wedge, indeed! Prepare for the dictatorship of the proletariat, comrades, just as soon as we can pass out enough Little Red Books.

"THOUSANDS Of Obama-Endorsed 'Occupy Chicago' Protesters CHEER the Communists," cried Gateway Pundit's Jim Hoft. The accompanying video showed a brief cheer for a communist speaker by what was clearly far, far fewer than thousands of people, but so what? Tricky Dick took out Helen Gahagan with less.

Even communists and Nazis saying nice things about the Occupiers, without any reciprocity, was offered as proof of redness and black-shirtiness of the movement. "But of Course... Communist Party USA 'Solidarity with #OccupyWallStreet,'" said Ironic Surrealism. "American Nazi Party & the Communist Party USA Just LUV the Occupy Wall Street Movements," said Okie On The Lam.

At Renew America, Alan Caruba called the Occupiers "communism's clueless foot soldiers." Among his proof points: "The Occupy Wall Street protesters are the result of government schools whose purpose is to create a docile work force that, along with various government 'entitlement' programs provides for a cradle-to-grave submissive workforce." Just like Russia!

Caruba acknowledged that the Occupiers "hardly seem submission," but countered that "the protesters are being embraced by the Democratic Party and unions," which are communist themselves. Also the protesters are "spoiled brats befouling the walkways, streets, and alleys of New York and other cities," as explicitly mandated in Marx's 18 Brumaire.

If that doesn't work for you, would you believe they're all anti-Semites? Someone at libertarian site Reason found a protester blaming banksterism on "Zionist Jews"; word was duly spread that the Occupy movement was anti-Semitic.

Richard Nixon has dealt with your kind before.
"Israelis Shocked By Anti-Semitic Flavor of Occupy Wall Street Protests," wrote Weasel Zippers. "And the same anti-Semitic protests have the full support of the Obama administration." "It isn't just a few crackpots engaging in anti-Semitism incidents at the Occupy Wall Street protests," claimed Alana Goodman at Commentary. "Apparently, the main organizer behind the movement - Adbusters editor Kalle Lasn - has a history of anti-Jewish writing." Wow, another movement leader no one at the protests has heard of! We wonder if George Soros knows they all hate Jews.

"At the Occupy protests, [anti-semites] are, at best, allowed to push their hateful messages," wrote William Teach. "At worst, the Occupyers agree with the messages." And at very worst, they're all space invaders plotting to colonize our planet. Use your imagination!

But the mother lode of their this-guy-is-you-guys schtick came from a report that somebody had spit on a Coast Guard servicemember in Boston -- a neat revival of ancient stories about Vietnam protesters spitting on returning vets.

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