Scientology Effervescence: Commenters of the Week!

Here in the underground bunker, this was something of a strange week. While enduring a middling but annoying cold, we tried to get back in the swing of things after a week out of town. And while things started a bit slow, by Friday this had turned into one slammin' sevenday.

Things kicked off on Tuesday, when we found that Lori Hodgson had talked to Mark Bunker for his upcoming documentary. There's more to Lori's story, and we hope to have something about it soon.

Then on Wednesday, we turned up the heat with the first part of our story on a stunning case of Scientology "Fair Game," a harassment campaign against an inventor who has come up with a machine that produces bacteria-free ice.

On Thursday, we continued our regular series, Thursday 2pm Stats!, with a look at several items, including my friend Ray Stern's eye-opening expose of the Phoenix "Ideal Org," which was the cover story this week for Phoenix New Times.

Later that afternoon, we revealed the surprising news that Scientology's Freedom propaganda magazine has assigned its ace reporter, Jim Lynch, to probe us! Ouch!

And yesterday, we doubled down on the "clean ice" story with even more infuriating detail about how Scientology appears determined to ruin a business bringing life-saving technology to market.

So let's get on to the awards...

Readers were sympathetic to Lori Hodgson, whose two children "disconnected" from her after she left the church but their father stayed in. But then we read an equally gut-punching story from regular reader Kate Bornstein:

My daughter is 38 years old. The last time I saw her, she was 9. That was the day I left the Sea Org and became a Suppressive Person. I've sent her letters and birthday cards -- they've all come back to me "addressee unknown." Scientologists will say it's her choice that she's disconnected from me, and that's true. They've bullied her and others into the impossible choice of either disconnect -- or be labelled a Potential Trouble Source [sic] and thus lose any trust or love that anyone in Scientology may have in her. Damn. Bullying is built in to Hubbard's system of "ethics."

We're always glad when pro-church commenters arrive on the scene, so we'll give Keep on Learning a nod for chiming in and questioning Lori's story:

Is it at all possible there are two sides to this story? I've learned that people playing the poor, sad victim card are usually not telling the whole truth. It's sad to see anyone so sad, but I *suspect* -- do not *know* of course -- that Ms. Hodgson has more *causation* in this matter than she admits here. For instance, when did Lori start her *public* disavowals and condemnations? Before or after the disconnection?

Well, some of us wince at this argument, that when a church takes away your child, it's always somehow your fault. Anyway, we also enjoyed CJM's approach to a church that wants to split up families:

OSA turned up on our front porch and demanded that we stop communicating with Jeff Hawkins (my husband's brother).  We laughed and laughed, told her she picked the wrong family to fuck with.

In our story about Robert Almblad and his ice machine, many readers seemed infuriated to see a harassment campaign with so much at stake -- the health of hospital patients trying to stay free of infection. But if there was anger, sometimes the best way to deal with it is humor. And HGC really made us smile:

All those people in the hospital are bigots and haters, and they pull in their infections. And another thing -- not smoking enough causes cancer.

And then, just a little later, HGC did that even better with this howler:

If you're a Scientologist, when you drive by an ice machine full of dirty ice, you know you have to stop, because you know you're the only one who can help.

To our utter delight, pro-church gadfly tildacity finally graced us with his or her presence after wreaking some havoc over at WWP:

With today's article, Mr. Tony Ortega of The Village Voice has rendered himself down to a mere self parody. Granted he pens a blog representing gossip, opinion and commentary. Still, one would be forgiven for expecting a professional encumbered by the title editor in chief to hint at some whisper of journalism before spewing a one-sided conspiracy theory into cyberspace. Mr. Ortega's latest conspiracy tale features everything except Sasquatch and chemical contrails.

Sasquatch! Please, tildacity, stick around a while.

In our Thursday Stats roundup, we gushed about our friend Ray Stern's cover story at Phoenix New Times which took apart Scientology's new Ideal Org there. That elicited this enthusiastic response from CofS Exit Zone:

Ray Stern rocked my world this week! And a shoutout his way, if by chance he happens to lurk here...  DO WANT that killer "alien Invasion" cover that goes with your awesome coverage this week. And Anons are anxiously awaiting it to show up in the NT fb album with the other/older covers :)

Femanons. So fickle.

After we announced on Thursday that Scientology's ace reporter, Jim Lynch, was probing us, we asked our creative commenters to write the opening to his article about the Voice for him, and it turned into a wickedly funny mini-contest. It was tough to choose a winner, but we liked this portion from OTVIIIisGrrrr8!:

Long known for his weak-minded debauchery, the postmodern fabulist criminal Tony Ortega is celebrated in the insane asylums of America as a 72 hour frequent flyer following his wild excursions into the most vile, illegal, and dangerous behaviors -- all of which take place in public and often in view of innocent families and the elderly. Tony Ortega does not care who gets hurt or whom he offends when he goes on his sexually disturbing drug-fueled rampages. So quite naturally the filth purveyor Village Voice was only too pleased to hire Ortega to write and edit the toxic swill it serves up daily to its audience of deviants and registered sex offenders. All of which explains why Ortega and the Village Voice repeatedly attack the Scientology religion.

Lynch can only hope his piece is half as gonzo.

After we posted yesterday's part 2 of the Clean Ice story, we enjoyed these thoughtful musings by regular reader Mark Stark:

I'm trying to figure out what this is really about. First, an ex-member is potentially on the verge of billion dollar deal. Because he's an ex, Scientology will not be cut in. Worse, if the machine is successful, Rinder might end up a millionaire himself. Scientology does not like that combination. A wealthy ex-member entrepreneur and a disgruntled ex cult executive. Why else would they go to such great lengths? Another odd element though, is that no matter how beneficial and worthy this machine is, Almblad's past association with Scientology works against him. To the health care industry, Scientology reeks of fraud. To McDonald's it probably wouldn't matter.

In fact, Mark, in part 1 I think Almblad expressed this very idea himself. He thinks firing Rinder wouldn't really solve anything: at this point, he believes, Scientology knows so much about his technology, it wants, for whatever reason, to prevent it from coming to market.

And finally, we thought H. Jentzsch put a fine point on this saga about such a heinous campaign of intimidation and harassment:

It amazes me how ordinary scientologist don't see that this type of story does Way more damage than the people they harassing could ever do. These people are destroying their own church for the pleasures of thier sociopathic leader and his lust for revenge.

Well, that's it for another eventful week. News has reached me of Jim Lynch contacting a couple of other people in our company since I posted our story on Thursday. A pattern is emerging which gives me a pretty good idea of what he's going to write. But I'm going to wait a little longer to see what else he tries before sharing my guesses. For now, your vile, sadistic Freedom magazine-like denunciations of the Voice will have to serve. (And they really made my week. So thanks.)

The Top 25 People Crippling Scientology
#1: L. Ron Hubbard
#2: David Miscavige
#3: Marty Rathbun
#4: Tom Cruise
#5: Joe Childs and Tom Tobin
#6: Anonymous
#7: Mark Bunker
#8: Mike Rinder
#9: Jason Beghe
#10: Lisa McPherson
#11: Nick Xenophon (and other public servants)
#12: Tommy Davis (and other hapless church executives)
#13: Janet Reitman (and other journalists)
#14: Tory Christman (and other noisy ex-Scientologists)
#15: Andreas Heldal-Lund (and other old time church critics)
#16: Marc and Claire Headley, escapees of the church's HQ
#17: Jefferson Hawkins, the man behind the TV volcano
#18: Amy Scobee, former Sea Org executive
#19: The Squirrel Busters (and the church's other thugs and goons)
#20: Trey Parker and Matt Stone (and other media figures)
#21: Kendrick Moxon, attorney for the church
#22: Jamie DeWolf (and other L. Ron Hubbard family members)
#23: Ken Dandar (and other attorneys who litigate against the church)
#24: David Touretzky (and other academics)
#25: Xenu, galactic overlord

Tony Ortega is the editor-in-chief of The Village Voice. Since 1995, he's been writing about Scientology at several publications. | @VoiceTonyO | Facebook: Tony Ortega

Keep up on all of our New York news coverage at this blog, Runnin' Scared


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H. Jentzsch said that?  When?  I'd love it if he ever said that, but I'm sure he did not.  Unless there is more than one H. Jentzsch--known to most Scientologists as "Heber."There is an ongoing effort to "freeheber".  Google it.  He was former G.O. and knows all their secrets, is nearly 76 years old and is somewhere in the hands of the Church of Scientology.

Be sure to sign the Petition--only eight more days to go!


Tony, why haven't you touched the Rathbun claim about FBI/Justice Dept cover-up of a seekrit FBI investigation into the cult?  Rathbun set us up the bomb and that Miscabbage-head said that the cult had no time to survive, make your time. said earlier that you were working on that story but no follow-up????


  Once Jay Leno quoted Dan Quayle, only to be interrupted by laughter, at which point he said "that's what I like about Quayle--you don't need a punch line."

  Co$ doesn't need haters, wogs or evil conspirators.  Their own shenanigans make them a joke (ice cubes, empty orgs, smoking is good for you, what disconnection?)

  It will get better--the OT VIII secrets will be leaked on the web, and the "we're a religion, but unlike a real religion, we DON'T want our beliefs to be known, read or studied" panic will be unleashed--and it won't need a punch line.

CofS Exit Zone
CofS Exit Zone

Heh, I dont think anybody has ever called me "fickle" before. :)

What is the student but a lover courting a fickle mistress who ever eludes his grasp? - Sir William Osler


in Scientology celebrity news:-Catherine Bell and her husband have divorced-Jason Lee's TNT show 'Memphis Beat' has been canceled after two seasons-i'm starting to think that Johnny Depp's Scientology barb in Vanity Fair Mag was directed at his 'Rum Diaries' costar Giovanni Ribisi.


I am thrilled you mentioned the debut of Tildacity at Running Scared. She/he has been warming up at Why We Protest and is apparently now ready for the Big Leagues. It as always good to have scilon trolls to provide the lulz.


Very nice picks, Tony! And as always, thank you for all you do! Your courage is an inspiration to so many.

So far, it has been wonderful to have all this sunlight directed at the dark, vile and evil cult. I take comfort in knowing that the very best is yet to come and that you will continue to play a major role with delivering all that!



I think it's a safe bet that *anything* Marty Rathbun says about the FBI, whether his 'insider knowledge' of their actions/operations or the truck-loads of information he (and his friends) have provided them with, is about as 'solid' as Ron's travelogues from Venus.

I do find it amusing that he's reversed course and begun bragging about how much he's told them.  Now, if only they'd *confirm* that :)

dennis l erlich
dennis l erlich

Perhaps "flighty" fits better.  The website you link to seems quite substantial and well thot out.  You on the other hand ...  :)

ps. Please don't sic the nonys on me.


Duck, bend, away we go. Are you for real? Did you get teased too much at school? Is the world a horrifying place for you? No matter, at least you contribute something to the world: humor. I shake my head and chuckle quietly when I read your comments. I dont understand why your not in the ku Klux Klan, You could realy inspire them with your small minded ignorant hatred. Keep up the good work cause I wanna keep laughing at ya!!


  The FBI does not advertise its ongoing activity, and, even if they stopped an investigation, they can start a new one tomorrow.   Look for the FBI, the FDA (which is investigating the emeter) and the IRS (whose agreement has been violated by Davey's lavish lifestyle) to sue Co$ at the same time.  Think they can handle 3 lawsuits at once?

CofS Exit Zone
CofS Exit Zone

Awww c'mon Dennis, us anons aren't as bad as we seem, for the most part. We're just diverse.

And although "doing it for the lulz" involves an entirely different playbook, that doesn't mean that we don't know our shi- when it comes to the more important issues.


So nice of you to join with so many of us, taking the ride to the extinction of the cult of $cientology.

With fellow passengers like you, Mark Miglio and Marcotai onboard, there is never any shortage of lulz and I'm just doing it for the lulz. The cult is doomed. It's already three feet behind your head! Expect it!


"To see and acknowledge the existence of someone is a granting of their importance." -- LRH, HCO PL 30 May 1971, MANNERS.

Woooo, Duck! You should feel honoured. No one else got a second look. ;o)

Oh and Shorne, I really recommend you read that policy. See also HCO PL 2 September 1970 Issue II FIRST POLICY whilst you're at it.


"Did you get teased too much at school? Is the world a horrifying place for you?"

Aren't those necessary conditions for wanting to be cleared of an infestation of invisible souls and their accompanying memory implants? I think you have a prospective recruit there, so try to be nice.


Duck is one of our most loyal readers and commenters here. Not really sure why he comes in for this kind of treatment, Shorne. You want to attack something, I'd prefer you attack my article instead of other commenters.

Old OT7
Old OT7


And the KKK?  Really???  Now it couldn't be "attack the attacker" could it?  Your cults reputation is just a shade above Jonestown.  Toxic comes to mind.  And DuckBenway?  A scholar and a gentleman with an incredible wit and a way with words.  You're just upset because you never made it out of high school.

BTW, auditing is supposed to raise your IQ by one point for every hour of processing.  Are they running REVERSE auditing on you Shorne?  Pretty soon you won't be able to find the door knob and live the rest of your life in a bathroom.   Pound on the walls.  Someone's bound to hear you.  They may not help, but they're bound to hear you...

CofS Exit Zone
CofS Exit Zone

Good enuff (and good2know) your with us in spirit then! <3

and btw - flighty works, i have been called that before. sorta comes with the territory when you enjoy walking on the edge rather than taking up too much space.

But personally, i think "capriciously adorable" is much more fitting ;)

dennis l erlich
dennis l erlich

Don't get me rong, CoS.  I love the nonys and all their various hi-jinks.  Especially their anti-cult work.  What a load off my (always named and in the directory) shoulders.  I just wish I could be one.

Old OT7
Old OT7

Right on, Tony!  And, of course, many thanks!


  Yes, the nicest, most ethical people on the planet!


That's $cientology - keepin it classy!!



  I don't think that is his real name.  "Duck" is probably a reference to quackery, and yes, we would like to see it bend away. 

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