Scientology Internal E-Mails: Even More Depressing Than You Might Assume

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"He paid cash!! Phew!"
For a few weeks now, we've been watching with some incredulity the material coming out of a particular Scientology "org," which is located in Birmingham, England.

A Scientology-watcher who calls himself "CarltonBANKS" has been posting pretty amazing material from the Birmingham org's net servers which, he tells us, were for some reason set to "public" so that just anyone could go in and look around.

Our own hacking knowledge isn't really sufficient to make any judgment about that claim by CarltonBANKS. We only know that the material he's been pulling out of the Birmingham server and posting at the Anonymous website "WhyWeProtest" is jaw-dropping stuff.

We posted a song and some photos earlier, and then the sad tale of Stephen Cox, a gullible man who pledged 20,000 pounds to the org only weeks into his stint as a Scientologist.

But this week, CarltonBANKS turned over to WWP the mother lode: 7,000 internal e-mails stored on the Birmingham server. And what the sharp eyes over at Anonymous have found in that trove contain more evidence of Scientology's current sad state.

Scientology watchers are currently sifting through the massive data dump, but so far, what they've pulled out tells a consistent tale: with their numbers dwindling, Scientology officials work feverishly to get money out of church members, even when those members are suffering from difficult life situations. But no matter how tough things are, the emphasis is always sell, sell, sell.

We were struck, for example, by this poster image, showing how the various European "orgs" are encouraged to compete with each other according to how many "packages" they've been able to move:


Meanwhile, in an echo of the poor sap Stephen Cox we saw earlier, another man who donated a large amount of money to Birmingham's effort to purchase a new building admits in an e-mail that he had to take a loan to do it:

I am currently on OT V and I have decided to do a pledge of £10,000 to Birmingham Ideal Org. We have received a briefing from CO OSA on religious recognition and Brandy Shaw from Int Landlord Office on how getting the first Ideal Orgs completed will facilitate religious recognition. I want to find a solution as to how I can contribute to Birmingham now, as the planning is the first stage that needs to be completed to get the project moving fast. I intend to have the loan repaid by March 2011.

Translation: the folks at Scientology tell me they need a new building real fast because it will change the world. So I handed over the equivalent of $15,000 that I don't actually have.

He goes on to explain his financial situation:

I have been 34 years in Scientology. I was in the Sea Org, just over 4 years. My training level is Class IV. I am OT IV completion and currently on OT V. My current debt that I am servicing is £35,000, which is £15,000 on credit cards, £20,000 on tax (recently tax bill of 31st October which has been co-ordinated) and one loan (with one outstanding payment). I have excess funds of £500 - £1000 per month after my FP No 1, which would be available for Scientology services and I have enough funds to complete OT V.


So I can contribute to Birmingham Ideal Org planning, I would like to borrow £10,000 to be repaid by the end of March 2011. Plan B, would be to implement the above repayments, starting at £250 per month from March and ascending for two years until the full amount is repaid including 15% interest.

Translation: I'm already deep in debt, but I'm determined to pay to get to the next level on my Scientology training, and willing to get even deeper in the hole for the new building, even at a rapacious rate of interest.

In another example, a man named Steve tries to explain to the Scientology staff why he hasn't been coming in to purchase auditing lately: his wife is battling cancer:

I am now awaiting the results of the private blood test and whereas before we seen the doctor I was quietly optimistic that the results could show some positive signs, I am now fearing the worst to be honest. In my opinion, the problem with Sue is not her cancer, it has been her attitude towards confronting what she has to do.

Steve explains that he's been trying to use his Scientology training to help her, and they are hoping for the best:

All I want is for Sue to get the all-clear, get stronger and feel healthy so that she gives herself a chance of the Bridge. If we can achieve this then I will consider I have 'done my job'. If she then didn't take her chance at the Bridge then I guess there is nothing I can do about that, but I just want her to have that chance. I am giving Sue assists, it's just trying to fit everything in around work, cooking, cleaning, etc. I have averaged about 2 assists per day, but I've been told by an OT I know that I need to be doing about 4 per day so I'll have to figure out how to do this. I know I should do locationals on myself, but again, I just don't seem to have the time to do this as Sue needs a bit of care right now. That's great news about your dad not needing chemo though, a very good sign. I appreciate your concern and interest, I know you are thinking of Sue (postulate she is well!) and I'll keep you posted on any developments.

The Birmingham org's response? Steve needs stop caring for his sick wife and get in for some expensive counseling, of course!

Hi Steve, From what you are saying I can see that the whole situation is having an effect on you. It sounds like you could do with some help in caring for Sue. Then you could have some space to give yourself a boost so as to have the strength of mind and spiritually to handle the whole scene. I definitely want you to make it happen to come down for auditing and get the boost you need as you too deserve to move up The Bridge as well as Sue. LRH says "There is no short stop on the road to truth. That is the only track that you have to go all the way. Once you put your feet upon that road, you have to walk it to its end. Otherwise, all manner of difficulties and upsets will beset you." The fact is that you are not on service right now, so you are off that road to that degree. It is by moving up the Bridge that you will be AT CAUSE over life situations. I am here to help you get through any barriers that might exist to you arriving for your auditing by addressing them with LRH tech and get a solution. AND THERE IS A SOLUTION.

Another reason to spend money? Because the evil Americans are putting microchips in their children. That was the fundraising pitch in an e-mail to another Birmingham member from a staffer who attended an International Association of Scientologists (IAS) event:

I am sitting here at the IAS event. Its a shame u missed it. It has to off been the most theta event ever. Even the men were crying!!! Here are some facts that we have learnt from this weekend- There are over 400,000 children that are on psych drugs. That's enough to fill up 4 Wembley Stadiums. The chipping device that is in operation in America, is starting to happen here in the UK. The NHS are pushing the same device but in a method of a card that you keep in your wallet. So it basically becomes the same thing. That basically means that you have been tagged and every where you go it will be registered. This is the police state becoming realer than you think....Please make a generous donation today and help combat the state of this planet.

Also, as you can see in the photo at the top of the post, some staffers were pretty thrilled when one member paid a large amount in cash. As an Anon captioned the photo, "Oh, that clergy!"

Oh, there's much more, and we'll be watching as additional e-mails get pulled from the pile.

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Draconis Zeneca
Draconis Zeneca

This business with Steve and Sue in Birmingham is heartbreaking to see. Scientology has become utterly devoid of any kind of humanity as an organization. 

Old OT7
Old OT7

Not only is there absolutely no compassion in the cult for people contemplating suicide, they view you as a future problem and PR fiasco.   Love, compassion  and kindness are foreign concepts to this group.


LOL at the fake "brochure" above,Is Tony accepting everything is receiving by the so called "insiders"?LOL, if this is "journalism", well...I'm going to start a porn magazine and call it: "POPULAR ENGINEERING".


*Looking around* Where is everybody? Has Tony already left for LA?


The personal stories I've heard—my best evidence—have shown me that this is Standard Operating Procedure for the CO$, even back in the late seventies, early eighties. Scientology is rotten all the way through: 

“No sympathy for the devil; keep that in mind. Buy the ticket, take the ride...and if it occasionally gets a little heavier than what you had in mind, well...maybe chalk it off to forced conscious expansion: Tune in, freak out, get beaten.”


I occasionally see posts by Scientologists asking why we keep going with this, wondering why we commit so much time to it, wondering why so many people give it so much focus in their lives.

This is why.

We're not SPs, we're not being paid by big pharma or the psyches. We're people who genuinely care about the shocking way Scientologists are being abused by a church they trust.

We will continue to put ethics in on the CoS until it stops this sick behavior.


Another one that broke my heart was, the woman who wrote to God asking," if she was doing the right thing by being to generous donating her inheritance to the ideal org." And those heartless #@% love bombed her for that blood money. If I am not mistaken, they wrote her back pretending they were God to get it.

I will be honest with you, after reading this I had to get away from the house, watch the sunset and reflect...Thank goodness we have Anonymous exposing more of their crimes against humanity. We have become "Sheeple" if we keep allowing Scientology to exist in it's current form.


This is really depressing to read, almost want to cry


“Secret” IAS briefings have actually provided the public with far-out, lunatic fringe justifications for filing bankruptcy, telling the public it is “ethical” for them to do so.  I’ll tell you what  they are being told by the “church.” Are you sitting down?   “The bankers deserve it.  International Bankers created the international recession for the sole purpose of harming the IAS and the church of Scientology.”



Those 'Training Routines' really remove their ability to evaluate the product. CO$ claims once you're 'Clear' you can't get sick.  And getting clear happens within the first couple years. How can anyone remain in the group after obtaining 'Clear' and watching others get sick? I do have a sickening respect for the power of that brainwashing. I never knew how powerful that stuff is until i've read the details over the last couple months. 

Jens Tingleff
Jens Tingleff

Financial bother in the UK? Deja Vue all over again! Search the Internet for 'The Big Story' ITV, Thursday 28 November 1996, 7:30 pm for a TV programme on this very topic. In that case, one or more of the victims and perpetrators were willing to step forward. Waiting for news in this case..

Best Regards



It's amazing to me what people will do in the name of 'belief'.  I've been wondering what the evolutionary reasoning is for religious fundamentalism.  At some point, the homo sapiens sapiens evolutionary family tree had some type of extreme fundamental belief trait that survived long enough to give us the current state of religious nutjobs.  I wonder why.


My favorite so far:

"Hello Martin. I am concerned about this operation that you are due to receive, as we have a whole host of technology to handle physical conditions. One of them is 'Dianetics'. It handles 'what the soul is DOING to the body'. Obviously, there is something spiritually incorrect for such a condition to be present, and I want to help address YOU and what YOU are doing to the body, which is potentially causing this condition to remain in place. If you do not address the spiritual factors causing this condition, no amount of operations or anything is going to resolve this for you. You are going to have, I am afraid, continual trouble with the area. I would like you to come in for some sessions to handle this on an urgent basis as by not doing so is going to cause problems for you, and I don't want you to be in that position. See you soon. ML C/S"

And THAT, I do believe, is a big ol' smoking gun...


So pathetically sad. This guy's wife has cancer and his hope is Hubbard's bullshit "bridge"? He is so deeply brainwashed, he is completely irrational = truly insane

Anna Asks
Anna Asks

Then there is a dude with a slipped disc in his back who has not been coming into auditing (is in too much pain?) and seems like he's in the approval process for an operation to repair it:

"Hello Xxxxxx. I am concerned about this operation that you are due to receive, as we have a whole host of technology to handle physical conditions. One of them is 'Dianetics'. It handles 'what the soul is DOING to the body'.

Obviously, there is something spiritually incorrect for such a condition to be present, and I want to help address YOU and what YOU are doing to the body, which is potentially causing this condition to remain in place.

If you do not address the spiritual factors causing this condition, no amount of operations or anything is going to resolve this for you. You are going to have, I am afraid, continual trouble with the area. I would like you to come in for some sessions to handle this on an urgent basis as by not doing so is going to cause problems for you, and I don't want you to be in that position. See you soon. ML C/S"

--------Then the senior Case Supervisor seems to chime in when they get the report forwarded to them:

"Has had assists for back in the past but not NED and no full data on the sit. He should come with med. reports if possible and MLO to get full history of it. Maybe he can be enlightened on auditing to help it rather than an op? What op is it exactly and what do they do? Full data please."

(hat tip to NCSP)

Toulouse Lautrec
Toulouse Lautrec

KTW-- Keep Tony Working. Thanks for the up-to-the-minute news!


I just went over to the! "motherlode " link you provided at the top and I am *HORRIFIED* at the lack of compassion toward the guy who wants to kill himself. My God, this is madness!

I need to go back and read some more because it's so hard to believe, money is more important than a human life.


Victims?  Not at this point in time, imo.  Where are all their reports to the police and financial authorities, and to the banks, and the credit card companies?   Writing them up in a blog or forum is for Their therapeutic benefit, but it means they continue to enable the perpetrators day in and day out.  This is just a small org in the UK.  Imagine what it is like in the upper level organizations, run by all SO members and the heart of the evil IAS vultures. Mary Jo Leavitt, OT 8 (or 7?) wrote about the financial fraud and the coercion, but no mention of going to the law and authorities.  Hy Levy, on his FreeHeber website has very detailed reports of it there, but no mention of his reporting it to the law and authorities.  There's literally hundreds and hundreds of postings and blogs about it, but where are copies of the police reports?  The fraud and crimes are committed by staff and public alike on a massive scale according to their own testimony. Scientology is a criminal organization, run by criminals, and supported by people who are willing to support criminals and some willing to commit crimes themselves.  I'm pretty sure the courts, prosecutors, credit card companies, banks and little old grannies would call them criminals too, not victims.   Anyway,  these emails are a running commentary on the real, true, no PR  Daily Life of a Scientologist.  Tell me they don't all sound rabid.


Mind controlling chips and police states.....oh my!!


  I thought Scientology tripled your income.  Why doesn't Cox have more money? 


You know, one can understand how straight-up grifters rip off poor suckers, without remorse: they are putting money in their own pockets. But with Scn staff, they don't get to pocket the proceeds of the cons they run. I wonder what kind of conditioning has to be in place to get them to wheedle the last resources out of their vulnerable, muddle-headed marks. The ghoulishness of it all is quite striking. 


Hmmm, "Popular Engineering"...yes I like the sound of that. Naked girls in hard hats, holding a wrench, draped over the open hood of a sports-car, sweat running off their fore-heads.....mmmmm.

Marcotai yet again you are a complete genius.

And don't forget, we are doing this to save people like you. One day we will get you out of there, and you can get on with your life. I hope you are well today.




There is much, much more material like this "Basics Trophy Game" to be exposed.  It's not fake.  Tacky and pathetic, yes, but not fake.  They've been doing this crap for decades. 

By the way, your "journalism" analogy is just_too_easy to ridicule.  I'll let someone else have the pleasure of that. 

Enjoy your ration of rice and beans!

Jessi Slaughter
Jessi Slaughter

Jens, I recall this too. Dermot Murnahan exposed this and I recall the crime being called 'Conspiracy to Cheat' = extremely serious criminal offence. (or similar)


Good, old-fashioned tribalism. Works every time.

"Seven is the heaven,nine is the cloud,it's great to be oneof the Hometeam Crowd."


I've always suspected it had something to do with group unity and the economy of scale.


The only way Sciloontology is going to help with a back problem, is if the problem stems from carrying around a heavy suitcase of cash. They have a solution for that. Hubbard had "broadly" (Margaret-speak) demonstrated spiritual abilities for handling suitcases of cash.

In the case of a slipped (herniated) disc, with or without surgery, most cases resolve within two years. I'm sure they like to do their voodoo on a person for as long as possible, so when the pain goes away, they can give complete credit to Hubbard's "technology."


  I am going to write a best seller telling people to be themselves and figure out what works for them.  Obviously, no one has ever thought of this before.  Its so brilliant I don't even have to tell you what mail-order degrees I have.  Then, I am going to start a medical clinic, excuse me, a religion around it so law enforcement will let me steal, excuse me, earn all the loot I want


That did seem pretty significant to me, for two reasons:

1) While they both avoid explicitly stating that Dianetics will heal the PC (using the more ambiguous terms "help" and "handle"), the first C/S does explicitly say that the PS will not be healed without it. That seems very close to a medical prognosis to me.

2) The second C/S is perfectly comfortable recommending auditing rather than the operation -- without having even seen the medical reports. The phrase "auditing to help it rather than an op" implies an equivalence between the expected results of the operation and auditing: a treatment for his medical condition.

Note also that the correspondence between C/Ses leaves out the spiritual disclaimers you see in the direct communication with the PC.

I just finished going through all the emails, and as far as I can tell (I am not a lawyer), this is as close to a smoking gun there is in them.


^^^THIS IS IT^^^^^

Practicing MEDICINE without a license, with a twist of spiritual extortion.  The crap they have been busted for many times!!  They are destroying people left and right... sad. 


Bingo, "we have a whole host of technology to handle physical conditions". How is this not practicing medicine without a license?

Old OT7
Old OT7

Not only is there absolutely no compassion in the cult for people contemplating suicide, they view you as a future problem and PR fiasco.   Love, compassion  and kindness are foreign concepts to this group.

Anna Asks
Anna Asks

The dismissal of someone who feels suicidal is certainly one of the most heartless things I've read.  Someone who appears to be an auditor ( Debbie Corney) includes this in her write-up:

"What worried me was Xxxx’s utter non comprehension that a suicide attempt is treasonous on the first dynamic. He said he was trying to handle a problem, therefore it was a solution to a problem. I said it is not that easy to pick up another body and just move on in life, with a rich family etc. Xxxx looked very surprised at this. Then Xxxx said that he would end his life now, if it was not for other people. This alarmed me. He quickly added that he had signed a waiver so wouldn’t do anything and that he knew it would cause a problem for Scientology. He paused after he said this to see my reaction. In a bored way, I said “oh we would survive”. I did try and get Xxxx to finish the treason formula but he was resistive really and did not FN."

I wonder what the "with a rich family, etc." means.  That he has one now and shouldn't throw it away, or that it's a desired outcome of his current or next life.  Does that ring any bells for anyone as far as Scientology dogma goes?


And don't forget special gifts to Tom Cruise from his bff, David Miscavige.  Or Miscavige's imported special wood for his desks, and silk shirts, and private jets, and gambling casinos, and high octane liquid refreshments.

Insignificant, disposable meat bodies, once they stop spewing cash, are dev-t.  You know, a bother, according to the main man, the LRH. 

Of course it has become a horror.  This Is Why.


So, now we can do something about it!

Instead of all this blablablabla.... Sign the The Petition!!!


Stats. And the carrot on a stick promise that their situation will improve if their stat requirements are ever met.   It's about as close to a perfect con operation as has ever been devised.


They can get free psychiatric care in jail.  They'll even get free medical care, cable TV, and hot damn, all the TP they can spin off the roll.   21st century prison would be a resort paradise vacation for some compared to the 17th century diabolical menace some have been grovelling in for years.  And did I mention all the free TP?


Well, those "much more materials" as you are calling them...are a laughing stock for real Scientologists, And then you wonder why real Scientologists are staying out from these forums? LOLOLOLOL.If you have a little notion about SCN churches, you would be also able to see why that brochure is fake,Of course for "journalists" like Tony and for "critics' like you, that is almost impossible to see. LOL


Catch the fleeing existing Scientologists instead. It's easier and you won't have to write a best-selling book. Just claim that comm cycles with Hubbard and your sciloontific research shows that after 75 million years, Xenu has figured out how to suck Body Thetans back into volcanoes. Xenu can rid you of BTs in one slurp, and then you'll find money growing on trees and never get sick.

Xenu has always had the power. Ron didn't call him the Evil Galactic Overlord for nothing. This works 100% of the time, if done properly, and has been verified by Carl Sagan and the same psychic who discovered the rings of Jupiter.

See you in Las Palmas!


NCSP- Ive been desperately trying to get a hold of my folders from when I was on line there. They say that those folders are private between the C/S and auditor and I can't get them. If I can figure out a way to do it, I have a medical section in there where the COS refused to take me to the Dr when my temp was over 104 and I was being treated with vitamin C and assists.  I was ill with mono for 2 weeks before they took me to the Dr. as a child and they STILL had me up in RPF doing physical labor. I know all this data is in my folders if I can find a way to get a hold of them.


Hey Anna.. in Scientology they feel that the more you go up the bridge that  you can actually control what "new body" you go to next. That you are more "Clear" and you will pull in a family that is inherently better for your goals and purposes.  She's working the tone scale on him by going to boredom with him, trying to move him up the scale. Boredom being at 2.5 on the tone scale, as she can't dip below 2.0 or risk being restimulated herself.  The treason formula shes talking about is an Ethics process that you can do to, for lack of better words, get out of trouble. Treason is almost as far down as you can get.  "

The formulas for these are the monitoring formulas for livingness (the state ofliving).

The conditions, ranged from highest to lowest, are:


Power Change


Normal Operation









The first thing to know about them is that each step in a formula is in exactsequence and must be done in that sequence. It is totally fatal toreverse the order of sequence of two or more actions. If the sequence isdisordered the final result is a smaller organization or less influentialperson.

A key datum is that if the formulas are not known or correctly applied, anorganism emerges from each crisis smaller."-Scientology Handbook

The point to notice is that an obviously unstable and suicidal person says the only reason they are refraining from ending their life is because of the back-lash it would have on the COS. To which the auditor replies nonchalantly, " We'd be fine".  If I were that man, I would say.. well obviously now I have absolutely NO reason to continue.  That's like giving him the green light. " Go ahead and kill yourself, we won't be affected by it.. no worries"  What she's doing is "refusing to grant his reactive mind beingness".  They say, that's not him talking that's his reactive mind. If we ignore it, it will settle back down.  As if hes a child throwing a temper tantrum.  You know, that mother standing in Wal-Mart. Ignoring her thrashing screaming child in the cereal isle-way.  On-lookers crinkling their noses at the horrifying sound as they step over the child to reach their Grape Nuts. " Oh just ignore him when he does this, he will stop eventually"

Are you honestly shocked that a Scientology auditor would keep right on eating her Grape Nuts while she read her P/C just threw himself off the Bridge?  Figuratively and literally speaking, of course.  I'd like to see the chart and graph for that down-statistic. Or maybe they would consider it up?


No offense, but if you actually can make a charge, signing a petition is the least you can do.  You should be filing with the FBI, and there should be a task force that is coalescing all the reports/charges for investigation/prosecution.  Whether or not they are investigating, get it on record as reported so it can ultimately be pursued.


Marcotai said, "And then you wonder why real Scientologists are staying out from these forums?"

No one wonders over that. We all know why they stay away (to the extent that they do). 


Very good post ! Yes, that is what is said in the intro film called Orientation which was shown for years to new people.

Did you know that the guy in the intro film is actually out and in a battle to get his money back from the church. His name is Larry Anderson. He's an actor. The St Petersburg Times did an article on the situation and even uploaded audio tapes Larry made of meeting with church spokesman Tommy Davis and his wife Jessica who works in OSA and used to be Katie Holmes handler. The tapes are priceless! He went public because they didn't want him to but would not give him back the unused donations he paid.

Larry Anderson leaving the church cost it nig time, especially because he spoke up and because they had to redo the Orientation film and any others he was in, LOL!!  Hopefully he's gotten a repayment of his unused monies from his church accounts by now :).

reL Overts and withholds. Hubbard claims that they are supposed to follow a person life time to life time but they are not actionable - in other words the person cannot be held responsible in a legal way, say like getting a scientology investigation and justice hearing for a past life act. BUT she or he is  expected to do ethics conditions if the past acts are causing him to have trouble this lifetime and he is aware of it, for example   Many scientologists do a Repair of Past Ethics Conditions. Some go into auditing or a gangbang security checking and out pops the crime one has been trying to keep into himelf. Suposedly. He may be ordered by the case supervisor to do ethics conditions to unglue his atention off something that is causing his bad stats at his job or as a scientogist in business.  Most people manufacture past life information.

Anna Asks
Anna Asks

Wow.  Just wow.  I remember watching that first "Intro to Scientology" video where the closing narration says something like: 

"You could walk out of this room and never look at Scientology again.  You could also blow your brains out or jump off of a bridge..."

From the very first time I saw that video, before I knew much (if anything) about Scientology, I felt like it was implanting the idea that if you leave Scientology you should kill yourself or *something* like that.  It felt so odd and out of place, and jarred me emotionally (which is what I guess it's supposed to do) - it's just not a "normal" thing to say.  

If your overts and withholds don't follow you into the next life, and if it's fairly certain you'll get a new body and have another chance, why is suicide considered treasonous?  Just because of a PR flap to the church?  Because it makes other people confused and depressed or downtone?


Its not that one can 'kind of pick up your next life" etc. Its that you are indoctrinated to believe you can. Big difference! One begins to believe this baloney because of how auditing and training work. One believes the many fantasies of L Ron Hubbard because members are forced to agree with everything he says, without personal inspection or evaluation of the materials they study. This is what Keeping Scientology Working is all about. To do otherwise is evidence, they say, of having gone past misunderstood words while studying, resulting in an condition of confusion in the eyes of the church.

Most people who commit suicide in Scientology do so because they believe they can start over again. In Scientology, ones past life sinful acts, called overts and withholds, are not held against a person. Only current life acts. New Life means a clean slate to the member. Very sad that this is done and often suggested to members in such trouble as to prevent them from moving up their 'Bridge To Total Freedom'. Whatever the suicidal person believes  is ahead of him in the next life is dependent upon what he has concluded from his education in Scientology or come up with as a result of his participation in the brainwashing processes called auditing.

Anna Asks
Anna Asks

Thank you for that explanation, I'drathernot!  I didn't realize that you could kind of pick your next life, or "pull in" better conditions in the next life (dammit, "conditions" is now a loaded word, I meant it in wog-ese).

"Or maybe they would consider it up?"Yeah, from everything I've read and witnessed, I'd guess they'd say it was the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics :(  

I never want to *not* be shocked by this stuff.  It's horrible to expend the energy to be mad or feel oppositional all the time and I won't do that, but I want to continue to allow myself to expect goodness in people.  

Retaining the ability to be shocked or sad lets me know that *I* believe in the inherent right of people to be respected and not to think of people as a cog repeating an ends-justify-the-means cliche.


This is the point of this petition.

 making a charge = and nothing happens the FBI dose nothing

please read the petition..

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