The Statue of Liberty Is 125 Today; Tell Her She Looks Good for Her Age

Look: No turkey neck!
Happy birthday to our very own Lady Liberty, whose 125 years of standing alone in New York Harbor we mark this very Friday. If you'll recall, the French gave us the statue to pay tribute to American liberty back on October 28, 1886. Now they've ruled against kids eating ketchup in their schools, so you see how far we've come. (Freedom fries!). In any case, the Statue is officially in her elder years, and though people are all going to say how good she looks for how old she is, and, sure, she does, given that she's a statue, we're going to take this moment to ask people to instead focus on her as a symbol of hope, promise, and how America once actually welcomed immigrants (or at least, pretended to symbolically) instead of blatantly trying to keep them out with giant fences.

Also, her skin looks pretty dewy, doesn't it? Happy birthday, Ms. Liberty. Your arm must be tired by now.

Note: There's a big party for her today on Liberty Island, with fireworks, a parade of ships, and a naturalization ceremony for 125 new citizens from more than 40 countries, reports NY1. She's open throughout the day, but will close tomorrow for about a year for a $27 million upgrade on her "pedestal and base." Because as much as we try to ignore it, everybody's pedestal and base could use a little lift as we head into youth's pastures.

In related news, by the end of the celebration today, the Statue's torch will have webcams installed inside. That's how we do birthdays, 2011.

Update: Statue of Liberty webcams are on, now! Play find the picnic-ers with us.

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справочно-информационныйобзор об открытии новых прав человека






Учитывая,что человек трёхсоставен (Душа, Дух и Тело) и является частичкой Бога, человечествупринадлежат нематериальные и материальные блага, в связи с открытием  Божественных и духовно-нравственных прав исвобод человека, утверждая Любовь как высшую общечеловеческую ценность иБожественные и духовно-нравственные права и свободы человека, Мы, жители Земли,принимаем настоящую Декларацию.


Статья 17


НастоящаяДекларация принята людьми, которые согласны с нею полностью и поддерживают её,а также не выразили своих каких-либо возражений.

НастоящаяДекларация открыта каждому для её принятия.



Совершено в России,

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23 ноября 2010 года



It is ironic that exactly 125 years ago, on a wind-swept island in the middle of New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty was dedicated. The very best tribute that we could have EVER given to commemorate this anniversary are the brave efforts of hardy Occupy Wall Street participants, who are “standing watch” just a few miles away, ....and whose spirit is spreading all across the country!  If  Lady Liberty  could speak , she would surely say THANK YOU OWS. Thank you   for renewing and strengthening the ideals of freedom and dignity and liberty...upon which this great nation was founded. All Occupy Wall Street participants, both here in New York, and across the country, should know  --and  remember-- this simple fact: With all the hardships and trials that you have been going thru---and will go thru---  you are truly carrying forward the torch of freedom. Lady Liberty would be proud of you! ....WE are proud of you!


Happy, Happy Birthday Lady Liberty. Thank you for over-seeing our beautiful city and not only that, our country! We love your large and beautiful feet, even though they need to be cleaned.

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