Watch the Verrazano Bridge Deer Rescue

Here's your heartwarming adorable animal rescue story for the day. A deer dubbed "Rudolph" by cops was rescued from the water under the Verrazano Bridge yesterday. Apparently his back legs had been bound by twine, which led to his struggles. Fortunately, a good citizen called 911 and the deer was rescued, "tranquilized for his own comfort," and taken to Great Kills Park Marina in good condition, reports NBC NY. Watch the video of the rescue, above.

Another deer was also rescued, from the rocks, and was brought to Great Kills as well. Her name is "Rudolph's Girlfriend." Aw. But...kind of sexist? No, really, we're happy they're safe and can now date properly in a supportive environment. Team deer.

Update: Sadly, one of the deer later died, the New York Times reports. This ruins the fun of this story. Poor deer.

VIDEO: Deer Rescued from Water Near Verrazano Bridge [NBC NY]

[JDoll / @thisisjendoll]

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Hi Jen. Even in such a short piece, we've discovered that A) You're a bleeding heart PETA sympathizer B) Trying too hard to be funny

Animals, much like humans, are medicated for pain out of humanity. And Rudolph's girlfriend? A lighthearted joke? Or a misogynistic jab?

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