Have You Seen This Sculpture, Lost in the East Village?

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EV Grieve
On Sunday EV Grieve posted a notice that a sculpture had gone missing in the East Village -- specifically, a clear, pretzel-shaped, acrylic, 6" by 6" sculpture. The artist who created the sculpture, Katie Peyton, lost it somewhere between Avenue C and Heathers bar. We contacted her for the details.

She says, "It started out as a sculpture -- the regular kind. But it was really fun to play with, and it started going out on the town. It went to Performa last week for a gallery owner to see, and ended up on stage. Then it went to Heathers last Friday night for a curator to see. She came back with me to see the rest of the series and we discovered that en route home, the original had fallen out of my messenger bag."

Says Peyton, "I am heartbroken -- I have never shown in an art fair before and the gallery who saw it at Performa, Dorian Grey, wants to take it to Miami and show it, if I can get it back. I can't remake it in time. I would be so grateful to anyone who might possibly have any information leading to its return."

She adds, "The precursor to this piece went down to 23 Wall Street, where we occupied the building with several dozen artists across from the New York Stock Exchange, in solidarity with the protestors in Zuccotti Park, for 24 hours."

The missing sculpture

If you've seen a very shiny, highly polished, light-reflecting Lucite sculpture in the East Village, please get in touch with Peyton at Katie (at) katiewinton (dot) com. She suspects it was lost somewhere between 13th and 9th Streets and C and 2nd Avenue.

Have you found a clear, pretzel-shaped acrylic sculpture? [EV Grieve]

[JDoll / @thisisjendoll]

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All that drama for a bit of shitty acrylic? It's hardly the most inspiring piece I've ever seen. Get over yourself and make something else! Something better!

Also, if it's that valuable to you, don't take it out drinking with you! Silly cow

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