Airspace Over Zuccotti Wasn't Closed During Raid -- At Least, Not Officially By NYPD

The Columbia Journalism Review ran a story today asserting that the NYPD did not close airspace above Zuccotti Park to news choppers during the raid. That intel has been widely reported and was originally tweeted by Reuters social media guru Anthony De Rosa:

ant de rosa tweet.png

Erika Fry at CJR found that the NYPD doesn't actually have the power to close airspace -- that's up to the FAA.

The NYPD sent Fry a strongly-worded email in all caps: "NYPD CANNOT , AND DID NOT CLOSE AIR SPACE. ONLY FAA CAN DO THAT. NO INDICATION IT DID."

CJR's reporting amounts to proving that the NYPD does not have the power to officially close airspace. There's no further digging to find out whether airspace was indeed closed, or whether the NYPD has more it could be telling us here. All we can surmise is the the NYPD didn't order the closing, if such a closing occurred.

Fry writes that "It appears that there was either some sort of miscommunication or, more troubling, a misunderstanding by CBS and much of the media about what the NYPD has the power to do--and tell them to do with their helicopters."

It appears that there was a misunderstanding. But Fry never gets into exactly what it was, instead cautioning the media to be careful about getting their facts right, which should go without saying. The NYPD doesn't get much of a challenge with this one. If they didn't ban the news copters, why weren't they there?

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I Listened
I Listened

If you listened to the live WCBS feed that night of the OWS eviction, it was explicitly stated that the NYPD told WCBS NOT to put their copter over OWS. The helicopter was there, then returned to base to refuel, and the helicopter pilot (or whoever's voice from the helicopter was audible on the feed) made clear the NYPD removed them from the airspace.

Sancho Panza
Sancho Panza

@" If they didn't ban the news copters, why weren't they there?"The whole question is academic. The park could have been shot just easily if not moreso from any of the large buildings around the park. What a tempest over nothing!

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