Andy Rooney Dies; FARC Leader Killed; Attacks in Nigeria

60 Minutes commentator Andy Rooney died yesterday in New York at the age of 92. Rooney retired from 60 Minutes last month after 33 years of closing out the show with short, observational essays. Over the years he recorded 1,097 of the segments, which often focused on small gripes about the mundane aspects of daily life. CBS News reports Rooney "died after complications following minor surgery." [CBS]

Alfonso Cano, the leader of the Colombian Guerrilla group FARC was killed yesterday in Cauca. The 63-year-old commander, born Guillermo Saenz, had risen to the top rank after FARC's previous head, Manuel Marulanda, died of a heart attack three years ago. Cano "was killed in a firefight after fleeing a bombing raid," the New York Times Reports. "The operation killed four other guerrillas, while five others were captured." [NYT]

63 are suspected dead in Nigeria after a series of shootings and bombings. The AP reports the attacks took place in the Northeast state of Yobe, in Damaturu, the region's capital. Many of the casualties occurred when a military office and barracks were bombed yesterday. "Blame immediately fell on the sect known as Boko Haram, which has staged targeted assassinations and bombings around Nigeria's north." [AP]

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura has pledged he will move to Mexico after a St. Paul judge threw out his lawsuit against the TSA. The Daily News reports Ventura's suit alleged "that airport scans and pat-downs amounted to unreasonable search and seizure." "I will never stand for a national anthem again. I will turn my back and I will raise a fist," Ventura said. [NYDN]

Expect a clear, cool day, with highs in the low-fifties. [TWC]

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The information in which the Colombian guerrilla leader Alfonso Cano was killed by Colombian Army was completely inaccurate. This person and Guillermo Saenz are the same individual. In the other hand, the guerrilla kingpin who died of heard attack was Manuel Marulanda known as "Sure shoot". Finally, the place were the attack in which Cano was killed is in the Department of Cauca in Colombia not in Ecuador


CBS News 60 Minutes commentator Andy Rooney has died. Laudatory tributes from his mainstream media colleagues are beginning to surface. Granted that Rooney was not the usual regime stenographer or shill, he competently fulfilled his designated role as the nation-state’s curmudgeonly uncle whose largely banal observations on life and its oddities seldom challenged the conventional wisdom and pieties of the establishment. Each weekend he delivered his Sunday evening philippic soothing and reassuring the American sheeple that all’s well in the heartland, and that while often inconvenient or quirky, tyranny is bracing and good for the soul.

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