Bill Clinton Is the Latest Target of Holly Van Voast's Topless Campaign

Humans of New York

This is becoming something of a trend, the inaugural Holly Van Voast boob-flash outside of the good old Barnes & Noble book signing. Just last week, Bill Cosby found himself surprised by the breasts of Van Voast. But the latest flashing was quite the coup: Bill Clinton, former U.S. president, author, Secret Service-protected man was about town to promote his new book, Back to Work.

Van Voast's strategy this time ended up being topless from the get-go (after all, it's legal) and lying in wait. And then, Brandon Stanton reports on his blog, Humans of New York, the photo op happened.

Of course, Van Voast's purpose in going topless is to make it something OK and generally accepted for women to do, and, the more she keeps flashing people outside of Barnes & Noble (we hear Mindy Kaling was recently flashed, too), the less shocking it becomes, though we're not sure it's exactly the right tack for topless appreciation and awareness. Maybe a pamphlet or two would help.

As for shocking things, Bill Clinton's hair, now, when did it get so white!?

Flashing Bill Clinton [Humans of NY]

[JDoll / @thisisjendoll]

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Holly Van Voast
Holly Van Voast

Plus, the truth is, hardly anyone on the street really does know that it's okay to be topless, but that has never been my own driving point, people seem to see protest in titties too much, I see that alot. How did titties start to equal protest?

Holly Van Voast
Holly Van Voast

This all isn't really about it being OK to be topless in NYC, this is for me about a character named Harvey Van Toast. I creating and trying to devise an entertaining way to get attention for me and a really great group of people... I made up this character. Brandon and I worked on this together without really knowing each other and his writing is a dramatization.

I think it's very common in this culture to want to be famous, to be driven by it — or at least have a hard time wrestling with it. I wrestle constantly with my desire to be famous, and perhaps I really have overdone something, but really, the failure of my own self control, as far as my desire to be famous goes... cannot for me really take away from the sheer... ballsiness of what I have done. I cannot say truthfully that it takes away from this thing we did together.

I initiated it, but was not in control of what was written. Brandon said he wanted to dramatize it... and it is, but i do not believe it had to be at all. it is about a real struggle inside me of a desire to be famous. A very powerful struggle.

And the truth is, I really am doing this to bring more attention to the people I work with in the nightlife... people who do really deserve to be seen, and are indeed nominated for GLAMMY Awards here in NYC... but I have been very dismayed, profoundly dismayed by the way they do not get more attention... if my own behavior has hurt me and perhaps them... somehow, I feel crappy about that. it is my failure and responsibility... but what a wild failure!

Holly Van Voast
Holly Van Voast

I designed a topless paparazzo character to compliment the people I shoot in the nightlife... almost to become one of them... take chances like they do... the makeup element... The mustache is because I am a sortof punk drag character.

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