Bye Bye, "Bye Bye, Bunga Bunga" Headlines

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As we reported yesterday, Silvio Berlusconi resigned as Italy's prime minister. News outlets around the world clamored to give their own unique, measured perspective on his exit. More specifically, they all got to finally use that "Bye Bye, Bunga Bunga" headline they had been sitting on for years. After the jump, a collection of outlets that used that headline, or a variant thereof.

"Bye-bye bunga-bunga" -- The Australian

"Bye-bye, Bunga Bunga" -- The Telegraph

"Bye Bye, Bunga Bunga" -- The Atlantic

"Bunga bunga bye" -- The Irish Independent

"Bye-bye, Bunga Bunga: Was wird jetzt aus Berlusconi?" -- Bild

"Bye-bye, Bunga-bunga: 'Addio Berlusconi'" -- BoingBoing

"Bye Bye, Bunga Bunga!" -- Kanal8

"Bye bye bunga bunga" --

"Silvio leaves to jeers" -- New York Post


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