Scrooge McHorrible America Will Tax Your Christmas Tree [Updated]

A tax on Christmas trees -- Christmas trees! -- has been approved by the Obama administration, to raise $2 million to pay for an ad campaign that will explain the benefits of live trees over fake ones. Does anyone really need to be explained the benefits of live trees? In brief, they smell better, and then they die and leave needles everywhere. But at any rate, the tax has been approved, the advertising will commence at some point, and, unless the tree growers pick up the tax (which is euphemistically being called a "charge"), you will pay 15 more cents for your Christmas tree -- or perhaps you will buy a fake one to save your 15 cents, and the effort of cleaning up all those damn pine needles.

In any case, Christmas is pretty much destroyed. Yep, destroyed.

Fun fact: Did you know that 31 million people bought live trees and 17.4 million bought fake ones in 2007? Now you do.

In related news, the Rock Center Christmas Tree has been chosen. Share your favorite Christmas memory in the comments! Just kidding.

Update: America's heart just grew three sizes (or somebody got worried about the political ramifications of people saying that Obama killed Christmas): "The U.S. Department of Agriculture is going to delay implementation and revisit a proposed new 15 cent fee on fresh-cut Christmas trees," reports ABC News.

USDA OKs Christmas tree tax [Politico]

[JDoll / @thisisjendoll]

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Really, you're complaining about this? Fifteen cents is going to ruin your Christmas! Wow, you must not have very nice Chrismas celebrations if 15 cents puts you over the top.  The natural tree industry keeps losing business and they want to promote their trees but can't seem to get together to do it as an industry so they asked for some help. None of this money goes to other programs, it ALL goes back to help the same people that pay it.  And it is only paid by sellers who sell more than 500 trees, so if you don't want to pay it, just go to a smaller seller instead of the Home Depot.


They can't get together to do it as an industry because many smaller growers - e.g. in Vermont and Texas - are opposed to it. That's why it takes the government to force everyone to pay for a campaign that the large growers want. Crony capitalism - it's not just for Republicans.


tongue in cheek, dear guest. tongue in cheek.

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