Ciao, Silvio: Berlusconi Expected to Resign [UPDATED]

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World politics is about to lose a pioneer in the field of bunga bungas. Silvio Berlusconi, Italy's controversial prime minister, is set to step down this evening after Italian Parliament approved of a series of austerity measures. The New York Times reports Berlusconi is following the lead of Prime Minister George A. Papandreou of Greece, who bowed to pressure and "resigned last week to make way for a technocrat-led unity government." This news is sure to upset Silvio Berlusconi, as Silvio Berlusconi is Silvio Berlusconi's greatest supporter and fan.

Berlusconi was better known for his outlandish lifestyle and sex scandals than his governmental work, which is astounding considering he has either served or is currently serving as the prime minister, minister of economic development, minister of health, minister of economy and finance, minister of foreign affairs, and the minister of the chamber of deputies.

He will likely be replaced by Mario Monti, a Yale-educated economist and father of two who sounds a lot less fun and wacky than Berlusconi.

To honor him, we present to you two views of Berlusconi's reign. First, there is Berlusconi in the eyes of Silvio:

And here is Berlusconi in the eyes of everyone else in the world:

Ciao, Il Cavaliere. Oh, and try to have some fun for once now that you're retired.

UPDATE: He resigned. Watch the official announcement here.

Berlusconi Expected to Resign as Debt Plan Passes [NYT]


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John Anthony Duignan
John Anthony Duignan

Il Cavaliere was seen by our European Great Leader, the twin-headed beast Sarko-Merc (sounds like a new coupe) as the problem, now, much as I despise this neroesqe self-obsessed misogynist, I have to say that he he is merely a symptom of a much deeper malaise at the heart of Italian politics, indeed, at the heart of our European project. Europe is failing because of men like Berlusconi and Sarkozy and weak middle class consensus politics the like of what we have here in Ireland. I do not regret Il Cavaliere's passing, but I cannot believe that it gives us hope for a strong democratic European future.


he resigned ... he finally resigned .... hope the new government will save us from bankruptcy ... but for sure we Italians will not be ashamed of our next Premier as we were with Berlusconi

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