Cooper Square Hotel is Now The Standard, East Village; Go About Your Business

The Cooper Square Hotel is dead, long live The Standard, East Village. The 21-story glass and steel tower across the street from our offices has been bought by Standard Hotels. As part of this monumental change, the hotel will now be called "The Standard, East Village." What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would still be an excruciatingly ugly eyesore that looks like it crawled out of a Steve Wynn fever dream.

We have reported on Cooper Square Hotel's financial problems in the past, but that saga looks to be over as their new owners declared the purchase of the building on their website: "WE ARE VERY PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THE 5TH ADDITION TO OUR STANDARD FAMILY WITH THE STANDARD, EAST VILLAGE!" (Caps theirs).

They plan on "refurbishing the rooms, revamping the restaurant and reimagining the public spaces."

"Don't get too excited," the letter, signed "xoxo, Stan," says, "Unlike The Standard, New York, this East side counterpart, located on the corner of East 5th Street and Bowery at Cooper Square, is going to be a more mellow alternative to all the boom in your West side room."

We welcome our new neighbors, just tell your DJs to keep the dream tribal house music down during working hours.

Introducing The Standard, East Village [ via Curbed]


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Frank Pellegrino
Frank Pellegrino

No Standard hotels feature DJs playing tribal house. Also, Steve Wynn hotels are amazingly run.


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That which we call a rose by any added name would still be an excruciatingly animal eyesore that looks like it crawled out of a Steve Wynn agitation dream.

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