Dora Schriro, Correction Commissioner, Blasted By Jail Guard Union [Updated]

The union representing correction officers today blasted Correction Commissioner Dora Schriro's management of the city's jail system.

In an unusual advertisement published in the New York Daily News, the Correction Officers Benevolent Association accused Schriro of slashing security posts but fattening her staff with civilians making more than $100,000 a year.

"We're already cut to the bone," the ad states, decorated with the image of a grim reaper with blood on his scythe. "Let Dora explore somewhere else!"

"A New York City Correction Officer will die because of commissioner Dora Schriro's mismanagement of the Department of Correction," the ad continues.

Update: A DOC spokeswoman disputed the claims in the ad. More after the jump.

Schriro, the union claims, has cut 200 security posts through attrition, but doubled to 60 the number of high-paid bureaucrats. Meanwhile, more correction officers are being assaulted--85 this year to date, and inmate-on-inmate violence is on the rise. Two weeks ago, an officer suffered a slash wound that required 15 stitches to close. Overall, the jail system is 1,000 officers below the recommended number, the union says.

"In these austere times, the priority seems to be adding bean counters rather than safety and security," a union spokesman said.

COBA President Norman Seabrook said he met with Schriro today. Although she didn't want to discuss the advertisement, she agreed to take several steps, he said.

She said she would appoint someone to oversee the severely backlogged punitive segregation unit. There are 900 inmates who have committed infractions but can't be placed in punitive segregation because there isn't any room, Seabrook said.

Schriro also agreed to reexamine the disciplinary system, which Seabrook contends is too quick to fire officers.

"We got some things done," Seabrook said. "I'm not going to have officers brutally attacked."

DOC spokeswoman Sharman Stein provided us the following statement: "The NYC Department Of Correction is one of the largest jail systems in the country and it is run well. Everything we do is directed towards enhancing safety and security for staff and inmates and it shows - both inmate fights and serious injuries to staff are down. We are at our best when there is input from staff and other stakeholders and we welcome suggestions that enhance our operations."

The department plans to hire an additional 200 more officers.

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Hey what's stuck in the back of her mouth?


What a shame this truly is. To put the lives of Correctional Officers in further danger than they already are in just walking inside is nothing more than politics within the department. This is exactly what is wrong with many correctional facilities across this nation and it's all based on bureaucratic power brokering BS. 85 assaults so far is it? And of course upper management is just fine with this tally as they always are. After 22+ years of corrections under my belt I speak from experience and I know this political office routine by heart. And in many institutions and centers they become management top heavy which is counter productive to what is actually required to run a prison system. Many times I was placed in situations where the inmate to officer ratios were at times 300 to 1. Shift wise that ratio would rise to 600 to 25 (25 being the critical minimums of Correctional Officers to operate shifts 24/7.  Now how many of you folks would like to see how well you would do running any shift with those odds?

Maybe you can one day thank a Correctional Officer for putting it on the line every day so that society can sleep easy knowing these creeps are locked behind bars. Just my retired two cents worth.


Accidental double post, please see below

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