EMT Injured While Breaking Up Fight at Occupy Wall Street [Update]

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Last night at Zuccotti Park, an EMT broke his leg responding to a fight and had to be taken away to in an ambulance. This was one of four fights that required security's attention at the park between 10:30 p.m. and 12:30 a.m. The offender in the fight that injured the EMT was also taken away in an ambulance.

When the Voice arrived on the scene around 10:30 we were greeted with a commotion on the eastern end of the park near the red structure. A man with facial tattoos and a dog had grabbed an American flag and was trying to burn it.

A crowd developed as an older man took back the flag, clutching it, and yelling "You will not burn the American flag!"

The face-tatted man, who seemed intoxicated, screamed back: "Yes we will! It's our right!"

"Because you committed rape on indigenous peoples, your flag needs to be burned," he yelled, while other people tried to calm the situation.

"Symbolism aside, starting a fire jeopardizes this movement," another man chimed in.

A security team member moved through the crowd waving the same kind of little flashlight that bouncers use, telling people to de-escalate. Eventually they dispersed, as a line of cops looked on.

But over the course of the next two hours, three more fights broke out in the western end of the park. The fight that injured the EMT and sent the offender to the hospital as well went down a little before midnight. The boy in question, whose name is Josh and who a security team member described as a "constant problem," had punched a girl in the face and was being restrained when EMTs were sent in to get him; one EMT apparently tripped, falling on his leg. Animal NY confirmed with a police officer that his leg was broken.

According to people in the park, the last few nights have been particularly fraught with fighting and disturbances; three nights ago, a couple on drugs who were physically fighting had to be removed, and a long-term troublemaker was made to leave two nights ago, we're told. Last night, most people blamed the full moon.

A FDNY rep confirmed that an EMT had been taken to Bellevue from Zuccotti last night around midnight, but couldn't give us more details.

Update 3:41 p.m.: City Room reports that the protester, 20-year-old Joshua Ehrenberg, has been charged with assault.

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Miguel Flores
Miguel Flores

When the hellllllll, is someone going to stand up for a just cause? When is someone going to organize this protest? We as Citizens have the right to a peace full Protest! When is some one going to stand up, and address the issues that we have??? Every one has concerns that would like to be addressed, yet no one can stand up for a cause? Maybe if some one stood up and expressed the concerns that the citizens have, people would pay more attention!! But the drugs in the park, the fighting in the Park, the Raping in the park, the burning of our flag is unacceptable!! Our City BEST FDNY EMT's Paramedics, NYPD Officers should not be getting hurt on a peaceful protest!! Its a dam shame, that the attention which should be positive has now become negative!! This will only give more fuel for the mayor to say, Get out!! hence labeling people as gang members and or savages!


Move them all  out of the five boroughs,when is the Mayor going to take charge....?? To the protester that are law abiding your cause has been noted,however when the misfits start raping and injuring people among other things groping etc.The one thing that is totally messed  up is the disrespecting the 911 memorial thats it time to shut it down.....no longer a protest just an excuse for certain people to cause mayhem and make the peacefull ones suffer for there atrocities...


I'm not disputing your overall point; I just want to respond to this:

Our City BEST FDNY EMT's Paramedics, NYPD Officers should not be getting hurt on a peaceful protest!!

It sounds like the injured EMT is with Occupy Wall Street, not the FDNY.


and what make u think that.... are u with Occupy?

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