The FBI's Village Voice Files: 'It Is a Well-Known Hippie Paper'

hippie newspaper .png
The FBI has released a cache of documents about the Village Voice dating from 1969 to 1997 that are now available under FOIA. Bomb threats! Contras! Secret lists! Ed Koch vs. J. Edgar Hoover!

First up: were Village Voice subscribers in the '70s added to a creepy secret government list? A letter from a disgruntled and possibly paranoid subscriber in 1970:

subscribers list FBI.png

And J. Edgar Hoover's response:

j. edgar hoover response .png

And an almost identical one, to Senator Joseph D. Tydings:

j edgar hoover 2 .png

Hippies then, hippies now, hippies forever. As for Hoover's secret VV subscriber blacklist, what was the deal? By the way, September 1970 is the same month that President Nixon requested 1,000 FBI agents to be posted at college campuses. The Bureau was focusing its energies in all the right places, clearly.

We'll post more as we continue to scour the archives.

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