HopStop Now Helps You Find Stroller and Wheelchair Friendly Routes

Hopstop, the website immediately bookmarked by all recent transplants to NYC and used by you whenever you are forced to head into uncharted territory, has added a new feature to make commuting easier. Using the subway when you have a baby, injury, or disability can be practically impossible, and this feature, a tool that enables users to search for wheelchair and stroller accessible routes, aims to help.

To use the feature, just click the little box next to the images of a wheelchair and a baby when planning your route. If the directions include subway stops that are wheelchair/baby friendly, that icon will appear next to them. The feature is also usable via Hopstop's phone app.

A lot of MTA stations lack things like ramps and elevators, as they were built before the ADA developed the Accessibility Guidelines' standards. This obviously makes it difficult for thousands of people to use public transportation.

"We came out with this feature because it's something that our users have been asking us for over and over," said Alexandra Dao, Hopstop's Community Manager. "So far we've been hearing a lot of positive feedback."

Hopstop has plans to expand the feature to other cities.

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William Ayden
William Ayden

It is good for us. I like your idea. I think some helpfuland impressive tips really work for getting good information. I am totallyagreed with your thought, Thanks for sharing. 

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