Hugh Grant's Middle Name is Actually 'Mungo'

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Not a lot to report here except this: Hugh Grant, lovable blinky British actor and phone hacking victim, is actually named Hugh John Mungo Grant. We discovered this while reading about Grant's testimony in the Leveson inquiry into media ethics by British red-tops in a no less reputable source than the BBC: "Hugh John Mungo Grant, to use the full name he gave the court, was determined to place many newspaper publishers in the dock."

Forget the John part, and focus on Mungo. Hugh Mungo Grant. Humungo Grant. This is, at least, the name that Grant gave at the phone hacking inquiry, so unless it's some kind of bizarre joke on his part, this is a real fact. His parents had an interesting sense of humor.

Steven Thrasher reminded us of another Mungo:

[] [@_rosiegray]

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JA Benson
JA Benson

Mungo is a family name that has been passed down for  generations in Grant's family. 


It's a Scottish name. My ancestor Mungo Park was the first white man to sail down the Niger river.

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