Joseph Lhota in Favor of Raising MTA Fares On a Regular Basis

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New MTA boss (or boss-in-waiting, at least) Joseph Lhota supports gradually raising MTA fares, reports the Wall Street Journal. He spoke to the media after an MTA board meeting last night for the first time since Governor Cuomo nominated him:

Lhota signalled support for a policy agreed to by the MTA in 2009 that called for 7.5% toll and fare increases every two years, rather than unscheduled hikes whenever they're needed. He also said he plans to lobby Albany and City Hall for more money for the region's transportation system.

Fare increases "should be done on what is a reasonable amount instead of having five year periods and then a huge spike," he said. "We need to also have a rationalized fare policy so that it's pretty much the public understands that it's ongoing."

It kind of sucks but there's logic in this; since fare hikes are inevitable, it's probably better to know when they're coming and how much they'll be.

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Another fascist making a case for Occupy Wall Street and all the Occupy movements! Let the extra cash to pay for the MTA's crappy service come out of his bulging pockets!

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