Justin Bieber Will Not Be in NYC at the Same Time as Barack Obama This Week

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Last week, many New Yorkers were under the impression that Justin Bieber was scheduled to be here for the Rockefeller Christmas tree lighting at the same time that President Obama planned to come to NYC for fundraisers. This would be spell doom for everyone's commute, which is already hard.

Good news: Bieber's not coming! (The President still is, though.)

The whole thing was a misunderstanding. Instead of performing live at the actual tree lighting, Bieber has pre-recorded his part that will play during the show. The tree lighting will still include Michael Buble, Cee-Lo Green, Faith Hill, and the Rockettes.

The combination of the tree lighting ceremony and Obama's fundraisers (one of which is quite close to Rockefeller Center) still promises to mess with traffic at least a bit. But at least the hordes of Beliebers will stay home.

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Mandy Ewing
Mandy Ewing

Hi VV I came across this December In New York song/wish on Youtube the other day http://www.youtube.com/watch?v... and was so touched by this lovely song and wish for it to be sung at the Tree Lighting by Harry Connick Jr that I did a bit of research on the web to try to find out more and saw this article about it in Broadway World http://broadwayworld.com/artic...  I haven't heard or seen anything further about it ie whether we will hear it at the Tree Lighting and thought you might know more? My family and I are enjoying it in any case. Warm regards Mandy

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