Keith Haring Doodle Ceiling Revived at New York Historical Society

The New York Historical Society is closing out a three-year, multimillion dollar renovation with an awesome finishing touch: Keith Haring's "Doodle Ceiling" [Update/correction 11/12: Julia Gruen from the NYHS got in touch to say that it's actually untitled] from 1986, which used to be displayed in his Pop Shop. The Society is re-opening today at its Central Park West location.

The Pop Shop closed in 2005, but the interior was covered in Haring's signature line drawings as shown in the pic above; the ceiling was preserved post-closing. Here's a photo of what the ceiling will look like at the NYHS:

doodle ceiling 1.jpg
New York Historical Society

And workers installing it:

doodle ceiling installation .jpg
New York Historical Society/Glenn Castellano

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Wonder what happened to the rest. I used to walk by the Pop Shop on my way to and from work and, after it closed, the contractors that were breaking the place apart seemed to have no clue what was happening with the material. Didn't even seem aware that needed any special handling, was all just in a pile against a wall. 


There's a dash in the name of the organization; it's the New-York Historical Society. Don't ask me why. While I'm on the subject, there should be a dash between "multimillion" and "dollar" in the first sentence of this post.


The reason there's a hyphen in the name of the New-York Historical Society is because it was founded in 1804, well before the 1898 consolidation of the five (now) boroughs of New York City when the old-timey hyphen was dropped.

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