Keith Haring Doodle Ceiling Revived at New York Historical Society

The New York Historical Society is closing out a three-year, multimillion dollar renovation with an awesome finishing touch: Keith Haring's "Doodle Ceiling" [Update/correction 11/12: Julia Gruen from the NYHS got in touch to say that it's actually untitled] from 1986, which used to be displayed in his Pop Shop. The Society is re-opening today at its Central Park West location.

The Pop Shop closed in 2005, but the interior was covered in Haring's signature line drawings as shown in the pic above; the ceiling was preserved post-closing. Here's a photo of what the ceiling will look like at the NYHS:

doodle ceiling 1.jpg
New York Historical Society

And workers installing it:

doodle ceiling installation .jpg
New York Historical Society/Glenn Castellano

[] [@_rosiegray]

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