L. Ron Hubbard Christens the Apollo 43 Years Ago Today: For The First Time, His "Orders of the Day"


For you Scientology watchers and Scientology history buffs, we think we have something very special for you today.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard sailed around the Mediterranean in a small armada of vessels, going from port to port. Each day, he issued to the hundreds of crew members traveling with him his "Orders of the Day." The Voice has obtained hundreds of these documents, spanning from 1968 to 1971, and we are told that these dispatches -- many of them containing Hubbard's thoughts on the state of his religion, his paranoia about enemies, and his praise and harsh discipline for his crew -- have never previously been published.

We will be gradually revealing material from the orders in coming weeks. But for now, we wanted to start with a significant anniversary -- today happens to be exactly 43 years since Hubbard rechristened his flagship, changing its name from the Royal Scotsman to Apollo. As you will see after the jump, for Hubbard it was a day to feel magnanimous and proud.

First, for you document hounds, lay your eyes on this...


The large collection of documents we have obtained begin in October, 1968, when the ship is still called Royal Scotsman. Each of them, as you can see, begins with a schedule for the day, and officers in leading positions are listed. But we wanted a bit more context about these orders, so we called up Jefferson Hawkins to ask him about them.

Hawkins wasn't the source of the documents for us, but he was a member of the crew of the Apollo in 1971 and again a few years later. He remembers quite well receiving Hubbard's orders each morning.

"Mimeo would put them out on people's desk. Somehow they would get to everyone in the morning," he told me by telephone last night from California. "Everybody had to write a daily report to the commodore every night, and he would read them, and sometimes he would comment on them the next morning," he added, referring to Hubbard by the title, commodore, the Scientology founder had given himself.

I asked him to give me a general sense of what the Apollo was like. How many Scientologists were aboard, for example? "There were about 300 people on the ship. It's not as big as the Freewinds [Scientology's current floating cathedral], but it was an old troop transport from WWII. It was a cattle ship before that. It had big doors at dock level where they used to load and unload the cattle."

Hawkins says the ship was in North Africa for most of the six months he was aboard in 1971. "They went to Greece in 1968 and then by the time I was there in 1971, they were mostly going up and down the Moroccan coast."

I asked him what he remembered about Hubbard's "Orders of the Day," and he says that unlike official policy letters, they could be more frank. "They were a lot more casual than his other issues. He would just have his thoughts. Whatever he was working on."

Looking through the orders leading up to the day of the Apollo's christening in 1968, there are mundane references to schedules and chores needing done. But for Scientology historians, there are also interesting glimpses at life with Hubbard at sea. November 13's dispatch, for example, lists Norman Starkey as one of two officers of the day, and two of the people assigned deck watches are John McMaster -- the original "Clear" -- and Quentin Hubbard, Ron's son who would commit suicide in 1976. In 1968, Quentin was only 14 years old.

That same day, November 13, Hubbard used his daily dispatch to ruminate on what was clearly an everpresent concern for him: the enemies he believed were out to destroy Scientology.


Here's what he wrote, typed out:

ENEMY ACTION We have discovered exactly who has been shooting at Scientology for 18 years and know all the names. They are a small group with international ambitions, founded by a madman, taken over by a politically ambitious few.

The fight was their fear we would break them financially. If Scn was the real answer, they would have to cease torturing and killing "patients" and there would go their income.

Well, they have now been hurt bad enough to make them move their HQ.

So the fight isn't all going one way. Press and public sentiment are swinging to our side. And we have not yet mounted a real offensive.

This is turning out to be a bitter and fundamental war. The forces which seek to bring light and freedom to the world -- us -- have run squarely into the No. 1 engram of the planet, kept alive by a dark and secret enemy of Mankind. These insist on torturing or killing the insane.

It is a terrible hypocrisy for them to say we hurt people. Anyone who has "suffered" at our hands is still free, well and able to complain. The victims of the enemy in his institutions aren't like Hitler's death camps. Their victimes can't complain. They can't even talk. They're dead.

It is the old battle of truth and light against the powers of darkness.

We didn't ask for this fight. We weren't even in the enemy's line of country. We avoided treating the insane.

But they attacked us, for no reason except their own fear. I regret they appointed us their executioner. There are so many other pleassnt things to do.

But, with the enemy active in legislatures and the press, we haven't much choice but to fight.

And we have begun to fight.

We have already hurt his morale and finances enough to make himi move his HQ.

Our forces are closing in on it again in the new location.

This one we've got to WIN. We may not have another chance.

LRH, Commodore

The "old man" -- as he was affectionately known -- was certainly one for a bit of drama, wasn't he?

He was reportedly also a terror to work for. From the November 15 order, he does his best to explain his philosophy of management at sea, and he uses the term "hat," which is Scientology jargon for what the rest of us might call a role, or a function, or a job.

I work on a theory of 'contribution.' The way to contribute is to effectively and energetically wear one hat, defend one's hat and not let anyone else do one's hat. I contribute to those who contribute.

I wear a lot of hats and I do them. I do a lot more than anyone could even reasonably expect. Therefore I expect people to do at least as much as one could resonably expect.

The way to be completely secure in one's job under my command is to do the job, wear the hat, defend the job.

And then we come to November 18, clearly a major day for the commodore. With the ship docked at the Greek island of Corfu, he's feeling so good, he has assigned the condition "affluence," one of the highest states of being on the tone scale (his concept that emotions can be measured on a scale from 1 to 40). But even here, he can't shake his concerns about an unnamed "enemy":

This is no idle Affluence of action. We have here the complete evidence of who has been shooting at us from hiding for 18 years, who just clobbered Perth and who is becoming active again against us in England. We must strike hard and fast with documents, and actions to discredit him to the world. Our actions are legal and extremely within the law. Which makes them deadly. The enemy is criminal. We are turning him over to justice. We have already driven him out of this world HQ in Geneva. So anything can happen. Let's be ready for anything. Follow the Action Affluence Formula and we will be.

We must end the river of lies he has released to governments and the press for eighteen years.

He is very far from imaginary. The documents we now have say so!

We are succeeding


But enemies aside, this was a day to celebrate:


A transcript of that, for clarity:


I am so very very very very very pleased with the way the Ship's Company, Missionaires and Staff handled the naming ceremony.

Very professional. Very great. The guests were so pleased. It all went off like clockwork.

The local editor of the paper that is for us (one is, one isn't) said he would publish an article on Monday that would make all Corfu love us and then all Greece.



And the commodore also attaches a fond report about an elegant dinner he had hosted the previous night for local dignitaries, which he has dated the night before:


A transcript, for clarity:


The dinner for Corfu VIPs went off like clockwork with Mr. Steinhauser of the Achilleion Casino as host and the top Corfu people there.

The only slight mar was a London Sunday Times reporter. Earlier the local British Consul tried to push him into the party, offending the Corfu VIPs. He got a table nearby and bobbed up to introduce himself and again much offended the VIPs. The host confided he had already confiscated the man's camera. These Corfu people work very hard to protect us. We are grateful that they do.

The dinner itself was excellent and in a very pleasant atmosphere, a large number of VIPs, good music.

Diana, Tony Dunleavy and myself represented the ship. Mary Sue begged off -- too worn out fighting for days handling things overseas.

(VIP means "Very Important People," Cadets).

If we are very much on our good behavior, as we are, and continue to let the shore help us, as we have, they will go on being very happy with us.

The dinner guests were also at our very splendid Christening ceremony. Many spoke English but next time we will drill with a local language interpreter to give phrase by phrase translation of our speeches and it will be even better.

So the dinner and ceremony were a whirlwind success, and very very well done.

17 Nov 68

Sounds like a lovely affair, doesn't it? Clearly, his ship's new name has him in a good mood, and the charismatic Hubbard we've read about comes through. It's a moment in time when things looked optimistic, and he was happy with his crew of followers.

As we'll see in upcoming weeks, that wasn't always the case.

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Tony Ortega is the editor-in-chief of The Village Voice. Since 1995, he's been writing about Scientology at several publications.

tortega@villagevoice.com | @VoiceTonyO | Facebook: Tony Ortega

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Angela Garcia as NeonMosfet
Angela Garcia as NeonMosfet

Odd. Corfu, Greece? ( Sounds like Khufu, reputed builder of the Great Pyramid) It is also interesting that his "Sea Org" launches for Greece less than thirty days after, Jacqueline Kennedy, widow of former US President, John F Kennedy, marries Greek shipping magnate, Aristotle Onassis, resulting in her excommunication, for all intent and purpose, from the Vatican. Perhaps circumstantial, but you have to admit, that would have made quite the VIP couple!

There is also, listed, an  "impossible differential cryptanlysis" ,which seems to travel into the direction of , Mars, IDEA, E2,Khufu/Khafre, variants of Serpent, Rijndael, CRYPTON, zodiac, hierocrypt 3, TEA, XTEA, blah blah and blah blah. 

As it happens, in 1953, a short story, quietly surfaced, to rave reviews, under the pseudonym, Cordwainer Smith. The short, Scanners Live In Vain, took the Hugo award( The academy award of SciFi) for that year. It was later revealed that Cordwainer Smith was actually, Paul Linebarger, godson of Sun-Yat-Sen. During the Korean conflict, linebarger developed psychological warfare against the Red Chinese, that included, the throwing of English words that sounded like, " Surrender" " You are outnumbered" " You can not win" in Chinese. It worked.  Oddly, enough, he died 08/06/66, the 21st anniversary of Hiroshima.

Hubbard seems to think along these lines. Rearrange a few letters and he thought that changed the reality. The killing of the "Insane". Xenu ( Greek for foreign) Saneu? The opposite of these would be (A)Xenu( domestic?) insane.  They're not just believing something  different, they are living out, a ROLE PLAY from a work of fiction and calling it religion. ( Yeah and I'm from the Bene Gesserit- Spice are the Worms and Worms are the Spice) Then, they harass people with cameras taped to their foreheads, as though they have been transformed into organic " laptops"

This is getting ugly.

Angela Garcia as NeonMosfet


Ah, yes, Hubbard's paranoia. SMERSH has been brought up; it was a real organization, a counter-intelligence outfit within the Soviet Red Army during WWII that disbanded in 1946. Then Ian Fleming used it in his James Bond novels as a cover name for the KGB's counter-intelligence section and that's probably where Hubbard heard of them. But then with him, somebody is always spying; this was the same guy who wrote the FBI in 1941 that a German waiter was a Gestapo agent, and later that communist spies were snooping on him in the 1950s. They put "appears mental" on his letters file.

Kate Bornstein
Kate Bornstein

Oh Tony, what a gold mine! I was posted on the Apollo from late 1970 through mid 1972. If you ever want me to come down to your office to interpret or expand on any of the OODs that you've got, all you've got to do is whistle. You do know how to whistle, don't you, Tony? Put your lips together and... blow. HA! Seriously, though—I'd be thrilled and honored to pay you a visit and answer any questions that the OODs might bring up. I'm a subway ride away.

For a real fun story, take a look at early January 1972 when the Old Man declared that because it was a leap year, any Sea Org woman who proposed to a Sea Org man and actually got married would be promoted a grade in rank or rating. The back story? Heh—a few nights earlier for New Year's Eve, the ship was awash with a wild and way fun movable drunken orgy of hundreds of SO members. The Old Man's OODs item encouraged marriage as a solution to all the sex we were having. 

Ah, the fond memories.

kiss kiss, Kate (formerly Lieutenant Al) Bornstein

Old Timer
Old Timer

Should be "The way to contribute is to effectively and energetically wear _one's_ hat..."

Gerry Armstrong
Gerry Armstrong

The London Sunday Times reporter at the Corfu VIP dinner that Hubbard mentions was doubtlessly Alexander Mitchell who wrote this excellent article "Over the side go the erring Scientologists." http://members.chello.nl/mgorm...

Mitchell went on to write perhaps the most important article about Hubbard on his time track, "SCIENTOLOGY: Revealed for the first time. . . The odd beginning of Ron Hubbard’s career."http://blacklies.xenu.ca/archi...


Anyone know who the shooter is that Hubbard is ranting about? :)


Hubbard was a natural networker, a real schmoozer but the Greeks are wise to con men like Hubbard. Its a political country and he schmoozed with the right people at the right time and made friends with VIP ( OLs or Opinion Leaders as he later coined these kind of connections) only to later lose them. In Greece, you don't want to make enemies of the people who help you there. Everything comes with a price. That was probably the last decade Scientology had any real political connections and goodwill in Greece, because over time, it became an enemy and was eventually shut down as a 'religion' 

"In the case "Attiki Prefecture vs KEPHE," the practice of Scientology was ordered ended in Greece.[27] An appeal to the Athenian Court of Appeals ended with a reaffirmation of the verdict.[28] The verdict was originally issued on December 20, 1995, but was not immediately put into effect. In January 1998 a Greek appeals court ordered Scientology's assets liquidated.[29] The appeals process came to its conclusion in 2002, when KEPHE ended its appeals.     According to the U.S. Department of State, Scientologists, who are mostly located in the Athens area, practice their faith through a registered non-profit civil-law organization"http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S...

There is a good news article from Greece posted from the 90's, which goes into detail on what Scientology in Greece evolved into.From: tilman@berlin.snafu.de (Tilman Hausherr)Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology,soc.culture.greekSubject: Re: Greece / Scientology updateDate: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 19:55:42 GMTOrganization: Xenu's Ranchhttp://www.pewid.ch/SCI/greece...


I just got an email from the White House - they are DECLINING TO RESPOND to the Scientology petition!!! WTF? Did anyone else see this yet?


So......where's Marcotai and Marky Migilo to defend the happy fun clan?! Damn, those guys must be at the rpf looking at picture of Hubbard and crying.....


Well, well, well. How amusing to see Tony Ortega suckling the man teats of Gerry Armstrong. First we were regaled with Gerry in Berlin riding on the coattails of Marty Rathbun's visit to Germany. Now we have  these "never before published" Apollo documents. The reason they have never been published before is because they are a dull rehash of what has already been extensively covered in A Piece of Blue Sky, Madman or Messiah, ARS, OCMB, ESMB, Time Magazine, 60 Minutes, etc.

Tony, you are way behind the curve on this story, You need to come up to present time. LRH has already been thoroughly repudiated by the critics and the media. Nothing you can do will add to the work on LRH that has been done by many courageous people for decades -- and often at the cost of heavy fair game. For fuck sake, attacking LRH in 2011 is like giving Mary Baker Eddy or Charles Taze Russell a good thrashing. What will you thrill us with next Tony? The gripping story of Operation Snow White as told by Phil Donahue?


I bet there's some interesting stuff in those Orders of the Day about the times leading up to and after the expulsion of the Scientologists from Greece. (cf. "The Commodore and the Colonels," by John Forte, available on the interwebs, for more info.)


I need to word clear "very".  I'm a little enturbulated about the difference between "very very" and "very very very very very very":  did LRH ever publish his very scale?

Chuck Beatty
Chuck Beatty

Great to see these OODs (Orders of the Day) surface.   

At some point, it would be good to somehow get all these Hubbard limited issue writings to some universities, and get them shared so that people wishing to use them for writing about Hubbard and  the movement, have access to them

Roger Gonnet in France has done a tremendous amount, and several private collectors have done work getting some of these limited issue Hubbard writings collected and saved.

Professor Doug Cowan of Rennison College in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, he has  long made the point that Scientology isn’t helpful when it comes to letting the full Hubbard cannon of writings be looked at by outsiders, so no real in depth study of Scientology can be done.

It’s a hodgepodge scene, and I’ve for years been urging ex senior members who have decent memory recall to at least write what they recall of some of the even more private writings by Hubbard.

I should do a peer reviewed paper on the Hubbard cannon, specifically on his final decade of internal staff writings.

The church at the upper levels of the Sea Org have an extensively worked on and detailed computer system of all of Hubbard’s writings.

The Scientology church organization that handles the church's computer system is called INCOMM,  ("INCOMM is the International Network of Computer Organized Management."  - L. Ron Hubbard, page 1, policy letter 23 November 1985). 

One small part of that  INCOMM computer system, there a complete transcribed easy to search group of data bases and one category is the  OODs daily orders from Hubbard.

These are easily 40-50 other data bases of Hubbard’s writings.   Of those 40 or so data bases, 20 of those data bases are limited issue writings.

Occasionally snippets of his limited issue writings are quoted at church events, and sometimes in promotional items relating to one or another of the Hubbard final year’s products produced for church members.  

In the INCOMM church computer system, ALL of Hubbard's writings, separated into their types of orders and writings.  For years I‘ve hoped these would be leaked and then a fully study of Hubbardalia could be done.   . 

I worked at the LA INCOMM computer facility 90-91, and at the Int Base INCOMM computer facility 91-92, and then I worked at the computer facility at ASI from 92-95.

 I did the backup tapes monthly, of all of these complete Hubbard writings databases, as part of my duties at all three locations.  

The Int Base staff have access to almost all of what LRH wrote or lectured.   But they don’t have access to the ASI Hubbard writings.

The LA Sea Org top managers at the 12 story management building (nicknamed the HGB, which is the building that houses the Office of Special Affairs) they have lesser access to all that Hubbard wrote.

The ASI (Author Services Inc) staff down the street at the ASI building, have access to almost everything, and they have Hubbard’s final staff writings to ASI, of which there’s about a filing drawer and a half full.   ASI staff have access to ALL of the INCOMM Int writings by Hubbard.   But the Int Base staff don't have access tot he ASI computer data bases of writings, only DM and Shelly Miscavige were given access to the ASI writings by Hubbard.   I know, because that is the way it was when I was the computer operations officer at ASI.     

I did a project at ASI, reviewing ALL of Hubbard's final years traffic to ASI, to ensure no typos in the copies that were on the computer system for the ASI to read what Hubbard had written to ASI.

Once I mistakenly sent a computer out for repair, and in that computer were the 23 dispatches from Hubbard to Miscavige.   Oops.  I got it back, but had someone known and copied those despatches, we today would have in the public domain the actual writings from Hubbard to Miscavige, and thus the world could see how Hubbard felt about Miscavige.

Another relevant story, once, the computer operations officer for LA, sort of "flipped" and made copies of everything Hubbard wrote from the Int and LA computers, and he put all these Hubbard writings (plus a bunch of OSA writings, and a bunch of senior Int Base staffers writings), onto some special backup tapes, and took those tapes with him, off site.   He didn't leak those tapes into the public domain, but had he, then the world would have had essentially almost ALL of Hubbard's full limited edition writings (minus the ASI writings, which he didn't have access to, since only ASI staff and DM and Shelly Miscavige were the only ones with access to the ASI writings by Hubbard).   The point is, someone could do the same, someday, if they were of the mind to get the full Hubbard cannon into the public domain.   

The OODs are important, but they are factually a drop in the bucket of Hubbard’s private writings.

 I've been harping for years, and some scholars know this point, but the full lineup of Hubbard's writings need to somehow be in the public domain for review and serious full bore plodding study of all that Hubbard wrought/wrote.

I should do a peer reviewed paper.   Get it peer reviewed by  the other ex Sea Org members  who read most of  the Hubbard full cannon of issue types, because it will probably be a while before another INCOMM defector skedaddles and details the whole system (I’ve written up a lot on the chat sites though, already).

Chuck BeattyEx-Sea Org (lifetime staffer, 1975-2003) Flag Dec 1975-Jun 1983 (TTC, Sup, Word Clearer, D of T, etc.) Int Base 1983-1984 (Routing Forms Pjt) Snr HCO Int in the FB in LA 1984-87 Course Supervisor Re-Training (Int and LA) 87-88 Int Training Org, LA 88 (Sec Checker Sup) LRH Tech Research and Comps, CMO Int, (Sept 88-Feb 89) Int RPF (Feb-Mar 89) PAC RPF (Mar-May 89) Int Training Org (May-Sept 89) (Admin Sup) INCOMM Sep 89-Sept 90 (Routing Forms Pjt) INCOMM Sept 90-May92 (Computer Room LA & Int) ASI May 92-Dec95 (Computer Room, In-Training Esto) Decks Int (Dec 95-Jun 96) Int RPF (Jun 96-Nov 2000) PAC RPF (Nov 2000-Mar2003) Routed out March 29, 2003. Chuckbeatty77(at)aol.com


  Do you realize that these docs are part of the religion?  And you now know stuff about Co$ most Scilons don't know.   I am waiting for the doc that says "this isn't really a religion".


I wonder if these documents are on stainless steel, encased in titanium, buried in Trementina, New Mexico, so that alien visitors can know how to run a ship, should they follow in the Commodore's footsteps and do important archeological research back in time.


Oh..oh.. Marty Rathbun's gonna be mad, Tony.  You went & exposed some more truth about his beloved wingbat, L Ron Hubbard.


If all that 'weird stuff' interests you, you may want to look into the Babalon workings with Hubbard and Aleister Crowley's desciple 'Jack Parsons'.The trip Crowley made to Egypt in 1904 (covered in Wikipedia) may be of particular interest when viewed with the 'The Demotic Magical Papyrus of London and Leiden' which was translated and published in 1904, the first column of the papyrus covers hypnotism into satanic slavery.Just worth a look!!


As a matter of fact, you'll be making an appearance in next week's installment of "This Week Aboard the Apollo."


Tell it to L. Ron. That's how he wrote it.


He appears to be using "shooting" figuratively, not someone on a grassy knoll, but I would still like to know whom Hubbard considers the "founder" of the Evil Psych cabal against the good and light of Scientology. If there's any loony that some of his followers carry to the present day, it is the notion that the Evil Psychs enjoy drugging and killing their patients, because they want to "rule the planet," and destroy it before the Scilons can salvage it. I wonder if Cruise believes it to that degree.


She's right. Problem may be that the petition asked for a comment on an FBI investigation, and you know, you risk them saying they can't do that. Well, there go 6,000 signatures. Disappointing.

Joe Hone
Joe Hone

Ah OTVIIIisGrrr8!, you and me here posting, and we keep coming back even though "attacking LRH in 2011 is like giving Mary Baker Eddy or Charles Taze Russell a good thrashing." Ironic, isn't it?


Here you go:

"Scientology has opened the gates to a better world.  It isnot a psycho-therapy nor a religion."   -- L. Ron Hubbard, "The Creation of Human Ability"      Los Angeles: A.S.H.O., 1971, page 251


who cares about Rathbun's whining. he helped kill Lisa McPherson..

Angela Garcia as NeonMosfet
Angela Garcia as NeonMosfet

Which Cylon are you? Anyway, the Magical Papyrus was very interesting. Gosh, this makes me feel like D'Anna Beers and I'm about to see the Final Five! Anyhow, they kept on about Abraxas. This was even touched upon by none other than Karl Jung, protege of Sigmund Freud. Jung came up with such goodies as Animus and Anima, Synchronicity, and the god of the Before Time, the god from the shadow years And that god was Abraxas. Also, Jung operated during the first decade of the twentieth century and was contemporaneous with Crowley. The Greek version( Corfu) speaks of Helios, the Sun God which brings to mind, the Greek myth, Daedalus and Icharus, and their ill-fated attempt at flight. Icharus high on the euphoria of flight, flew too near the sun, his wings melted and he crashed. This evokes the image of Roswell. Were they children, on a joy ride? Or was Dianetics( Phoebe Apollo[ Phoenix, Az] again Rozwell]]) a disguise for Marxism, which in 1953, was all but illegal under the McCarthy Purges? So we have  Xenu( Foreign, alien) executing an overly populated galaxy. What has this to do with Planet Earth? What is it, that we do have, that they will certainly want and absolutely need? 

If we have nothing, we have food. And, the United States can produce so much, we dump it. The second thing we have, is water, blue gold. Quite frankly, we can feed an entire galaxy, either by what we produce, or, by being...lunch.

The trouble with UFO hunters, is that they look up and see something streak by, and by golly, get out the syrup goo guns, the Cylon toasters are about to attack. In order to find something, you have to look further out. It's more difficult now, because, our Solar System is no longer pristine. We've sent up a few toys, of our own. Anyway, though space is a vacuum, there is a lot of dust out there.  On a planet's journey about the sun, it leaves tracks in the dust. This is a disturbance, kind of like tire tracks. As Muldar and Scully can tell you, they can tell a lot about tire tracks, such as, if another car was involved.

So, apparently, ERH was searching for some enitity from the beginning of time, the entity that Crowley and Karl Jung searched for. Even Santana sang of it, and finding, they could not duplicate it, they slagged it a whore.

Angela Garcia as NeonMosfet

Kate Bornstein
Kate Bornstein

Wow, that's right—I'm in them OODs every now and then. Fascinating.


Suppressive typesetter strikes again.


OH, ok. I see that  his 'Notes on Smersh' ( GO 070571 ) was written in 7 May 1971 but SMERSH was officially discontinued in May, 1946 .

I guess someone forgot to tell Hubbard.... ;)


But Tony, this can and should be turned into a gigantic story: WHITE HOUSE REFUSES TO INVESTIGATE SCIENTOLOGY!


Is it because we in the Church of Scientology are super-powerful and have Eric Holder in our pocket?


I tried posting the link every which way, including inserting spaces, but I keep getting the dreaded "this comment must be approved by a moderator" which means it goes into the black hole. I'm not making this up. If you signed the petition, you'll get an email too. Soooo...just gotta say it....check your facts or STFU. Some of us are actually telling the truth.


I'd post a link if I could, but this blog doesn't allow it. I'm not making this up. If you can piece this link together, you can see for yourself (remove the spaces):  https :// wwws . whitehouse.gov/petitions/!/pet...


Joe Hone, as a committed Scientologist I am here defending the Church of Scientology while simultaneously exposing Tony Ortega as yet the obsequious marionette of Psychiatry.

Because I am a gung ho upstat Scientologist, I support all religions. I would never  attack Mary Baker Eddy, Charles Taze Russell, or even James Earl Ray -- and here we mean the James Earl Ray who accidentally killed some people in a sweat lodge (We in the Church of Scientology understand accidental religious deaths only too well).

We in the Church of Scientology believe in something good and right and we take in a lot of money because our message is uniquely persuasive; our flub catching flawless; and our Tech 100% standard or your donation is happily returned after completing some paperwork, paying any freeloader bill, completing A-E and then promptly re-donating your refund back to us so that we do not disconnect you from your family or drown your dog.

We in the Church of Scientology believe that Man is an immortal spirit who is basically good but that Tony Ortega and the rest of the crowd here are exceptions and that you  should all be arrested immediately by the Dept of Homeland Security for being terrorists.


"Do not invite credit. We are a financial institution not a bank. The Registrar should be provided with a bad risk list by Accounts. Badly overdue accounts must now be sued." -- L. Ron Hubbard, from HCO PL 4 June 59 "Invoicing and Collection of Money"

Michael Hobson
Michael Hobson

False PR claim. Mark Rathbun was not involved in the events that led to McPherson's death. Although, per his own public statements at the St. Pete Times, he *did* order evidence (three days of the logs on her "baby watch") destroyed.


His attention was on the WFMH at the time, and he was trying to find "the who" behind the 'attacks'. Of course, being a pathological liar, I guess it never occurred to Hubbard that _he_ was the source of all his troubles.


They refused to comment, not investigate. This response is perfectly noncommittal. It would be identical if there was an ongoing investigation or not.


Fortunately we put our Kool Aid through a Purification Rundown, so we can keep drinking the Kool Aid.  But, you all know how expensive electrified cheesecloth can get. Won't you help?  Please see the reg on the way out.  In fact, you can't help but see a reg on the way out, since they're standing in front of all the doors.


Thank God!  Finally someone willing to defend the suppressed religions!   What happened to Thuggee is a travesty of freedom of religion.   So what if it involves murder fraud and theft?   It's a *religion*!!!

Speaking of which; google 'scientology  kali ceremony'


We interrupt this vile screed by OTVIIIisGrrr8! for a little lesson in Wicca/Witchcraft 101.5. I guess this little bit of info is like that Voice Over Contraindications Ramble you hear running through the final 45 seconds of any Big Pharma ad for crotch stiffeners. Anyway, LRH's "Fair Game" policy is essentially a Hex. A Hex only works if there is just cause. If there isn't a just cause for the Hex, then all that entheta returns threefold. And LRH was a very, very naughty little boy.

So just in case DM is listening, I'd keep an eye out for falling houses, as he has a real good chance of getting crushed by one real soon.

Speaking as a Terrorist Squirrel, let me assure you that OT64 is that much better and well worth the $1,000,000,000,000 it cost the American Taxpayers.


OTVIIIisGrr8! - you've ALMOST got the crazy perfected. Almost ... A little more psychosis, and soupçon more blather about clearing the planet, and you'll just about have it nailed. I think you've got everyone here snowed. Nice trolling. FTW.


"Terrorist Squirrels."

Yeah Mr. Superpowerz—Bring on the crazy, it's what you do best.

You Sciloons have no concept of just how psycho you come across when you defend the indefensible.

You Sciloons are tonedeaf.

I have to seriously consider this parody. I don't know if it's intentional and I don't really care.


What are your crimes? You seem to have some with-holds. Think about your eternity.


Terrorist squirrels who are into child pornography -- and are a part of Jerry Sandusky's den of pedophiles! Oh, and they also tried to attack the Church with anthrax, AIDS, and nuclear radiation and then they tried to put psych drugs into our Kool Aid! 


Terrorist squirrels who are into child pornography!

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