Mayor Michael "No One is a Bigger Defender of the First Amendment Than I Am" Bloomberg on Why He Raided Zuccotti Park

We woke up to a text message this morning from a friend of ours who has been sleeping at Zuccotti Park over the past couple of weeks that read, "Cops using sound weapons on us. good thing I bought ear plugs." Here's Mayor Michael ("No one is a bigger defender of the First Amendment than I am") Bloomberg's rather lengthy explanation on why he ordered this morning's raid on Occupy Wall Street:


Is it possible this, too, was strictly Brookfield's decision again? | @steven_thrasher

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It's actually counterproductive to turn these protests into filthy tent cities.  It makes the message far too easy to dismiss as the rantings of the skateboarder/hippie/stoner crowd.  This may be the catalyst for a clearer program and a clearer message.  How about, as a first step, the supporting of laws that prevent elected officials from trafficking in insider information?

Benton Sucker
Benton Sucker

Explaining the clearance of Zuccotti Park, Mayor Bloomberg was forced to become something of a magician, an illusionist making hollow claims look solid and solid claims vanish into thin air (or at least a few blocks uptown).

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