Mitt Romney Lies About His First Name, Which is Really Willard; Rick Santorum Says Africa is a Country (VIDEO)

The Republicans are engaging in their twelfth (that's right, an even dozen) debate tonight in Washington, D.C., in a CNN foreign policy debate sponsored by the Heritage Foundation and American Enterprise Institute. Mitt Romney got things off to a fun start by lying about his first name (or, at least, substituting his middle name for his first name). After Wolf Blitzer introduced himself by saying that "Wolf" is really his real first name, Mitt Romney followed up by saying, "I'm Mitt Romney, and yes, Wolf, that's also my first name."

Problem is, his first name is Willard. (Guess Willard Romney doesn't sound exactly presidential.)

The name fun continued when Rick Santorum (who has his own name problem) and Herman Cain had fun bashing the Muslims for a bit, and then Cain started to call Wolf "Blitz."

9:10 PM: Here's Rick Santorum saying, with a straight face, that "Africa was a country on the brink." (It's really a continent with about 56 countries right now.)

9:45 PM: There was a refreshing moment in the debate when Newt Gingrich talked about illegal immigration. He said that, if a person did something 25 years ago in coming to the United States, but that since then they've worked, spawned two generations of family, paid their taxes, and are attached to a church and their community, the American people wouldn't chose to rip them away and deport them. And then something bizarre happened: the audience applauded. Newt stopped short of calling for amnesty (as their beloved Reagan did), calling instead for a "red card" system that would make undocumented immigrants second-class people who did not have the rights of citizens but could stay in the country. Still, it was a step up from the usual round of immigrant bashing that often happens at these debates. | @steven_thrasher

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This is the greatest fear mongering I have ever heard.


See this is what makes us non Americans roll our eyes at your political systems! It seems that is always littered with affluent but idiotic candidates!

I mean for any candidate to refer to Africa as a country should literally rule them out straight away as much too stupid to ever lead anything more complicated than a trip to the zoo!

You Americans need to be much more selective! The stiff you let Palin come out with yet remain in the rave to help LEAD your country was crazy!!

Ditch these numbnutted clowns before they take the reputation of what is actually a great country down further!!

Rant over!!


Is he sure that he wants those red card aliens competing for jobs with the child laborer school  janitors, the union members forced to beg for their jobs back and indentured servants/denizens of debtor prisons?

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