The MTA's 'Nostalgia Trains' Are Back

The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree will soon be lit, people have been pepper-sprayed (among other things) in their search for inexpensive gifts, and those adorable nostalgia trains, green, just like a sprig of holly under which someone may attempt to kiss you without asking first, are riding the rails once again for your amusement. Traditions are wonderful, aren't they?

Via the MTA, the classic R1/9 trains will run every Saturday, November 26 to December 24, on the M Line between Queens Plaza and 2 Avenue. You can board at Queens Plaza, 23 St-Ely Av, Lexington Av/53 St, 5 Av/53 St, 47-50 Sts/Rockefeller Center, 42 St Bryant Park, 34 St Herald Sq, 23 St (6 Av), 14 St (6 Av), W 4 St Wash Sq, B'way-Lafayette St, and 2 Av (F Line icon line).

Departures from 2nd Avenue are at 9:58 AM, 11:27 AM, 12:57 PM, 14:27 PM, and 3:57 PM.

Departures from Queens Plaza are at
10:43 AM, 12:13 PM, 1:42 PM, 3:13 PM, and 4:43 PM.

The cost is the same as any other train; bring your own fedora.

Of course, these latest nostalgia trains will not have the backing of an HBO series, cool can they really be? If you find yourself underwhelmed, there's also the holiday (model) train show at Grand Central. Also: eggnog.

Holiday Happenings: Nostalgia Trains and a SAS party sponsor [2nd Ave. Sagas]

[JDoll / @thisisjendoll]

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I think most people who ride this train aren't looking for HBO posters plastered all over the cars. Kinda takes the 'nostalgia' out of the equation, don't you think? 


So what?  I think most people would love to ride in an old train car.

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