Groundbreaking New York Post Report: A Couple Guys Stayed in a Hotel

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The New York Post rubs its hands gleefully today with a new "scoop": they've found two people connected with Occupy Wall Street who stayed in a fancy hotel. Therefore, the entire movement is a sham.

Peter Dutro, "one of a select few OWS members on the powerful finance committee," and Brad Spitzer, a guy from California who seems to have gone to a couple OWS events on a business trip, were caught red-handed by the Post's intrepid reporters staying at the W Hotel. Gotcha!

These two guys are just that -- two guys, not the whole Occupy movement -- not that the Post cares. Check out the opulence:

He paid for the palace with his American Express card.

"It is an expensive hotel. Whatever," he said.

The rooms have 37-inch flat-screen TVs, window seats overlooking the city and iPod-dock alarm clocks. Visitors can order 12-year-old Glenlivet scotch for $375 a bottle, or an $18 pastrami sandwich, from room service. There's even a menu for four-legged guests, including a $16 dog dish of Niman Ranch ground beef.

The report ends with a vaguely-sourced accusation that main OWS people were busy living the high life in a fancy hotel while Zuccotti was being raided: "Occupiers told The Post that they witnessed other General Assembly and group leaders stay in both the W Downtown and the Marriott Hotel -- and said that key players were not present when cops stormed Zuccotti."

They totally got you guys.

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It's just two guys, but if I got pepper-sprayed I would want a bite of that doggie roast beef sammich.


God forbid that they report on the Media Black Out of the OWS eviction. God Forbid that they report on Mayor Bloomberg's total disregard for the Constitution of the United States. Bloomberg has obviously forgotten that this document guarantees the American people a free press. A media black out and the arrest of journalists, in the name of 'protecting' journalists, is such an insulting lie, that even those not originally supporting OWS are supporting the rights of the movement to exist.

American people have grievances and they are allowed by law to express them. When this stops being possible, we will have lost all that our forefather's fought for when building this country. People from all walks of life, are outraged about the sheer arrogance and dishonesty shown by the people that we have mistakenly put in power.

Doesn't Bloomberg realise that he is a public servant? Does he only care about the law when it comes to the protesters? But what can we expect from Bloomberg, when Bank of New York Mellon after being found to have been stealing from pension funds, received just a small fine? When fraud, in banking, is not deterred, but encouraged, covered up, aided and abetted by the politicians and the silent and complicit press. No arrests, no reporting, just business as usual in this corrupt Banana Republic. Aren't we proud of what we've allowed our country to become?

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