Occupy Wall Street Protester Arrested For Sexual Assault

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Jake Moore
A 26-year-old Occupy Wall Street kitchen worker named Tonye Iketubosin was arrested today in connection to two sexual assaults in Zuccotti Park. The first is the rape of an 18-year-old girl whom Iketubosin invited to share his tent on Saturday morning; the second, the groping of a 17-year-old.

Iketubosin is a Crown Heights native and had reportedly been working in the OWS kitchen for about a week.

Gothamist found another kitchen worker who said that Iketubosin went by the name "Tonye Parks" and that "He was a genuinely nice guy...he came to get shit done."

Iketubosin is being charged with sexual abuse, according to DCPI.

The incidents and arrest throw into even sharper relief the current atmosphere at Zuccotti; as the Daily News noted last weekend, the park has started to attract more drunks, homeless people, and other nefarious characters -- or at least those characters have started to get more attention.

We spoke with Brendan Burke, a member of Occupy Wall Street's security team, who told us he knew about the rape shortly after it happened. He met with Iketubosin after he found out.

"I listened to the person talk, maintaining their innocence," Burke said. "The young lady had left the site and there were already charges filed."

Burke encouraged Iketubosin to leave, but "he thought that would be an admission of guilt."

"I said, do what you gotta do, everyone knows you're here and who you are, you're taking it upon yourself," he said. He left the park around 9 p.m. last night, forced out by "a whole bunch of people," according to the kitchen worker quoted by Gothamist.

Burke stressed that the security team encourages anyone who's been victimized to "go right to police officers, they're all over the place."

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It has amazing information.I learned lot of new things which explores my knowledge in various developments.So i must appreciate your efforts on posting these information. 


There have been multiple reports of rape and/or sexual assault from many of the camps.  Contrary to what the camper said in the article, the view of this has been to regard such things as an "internal security matter" to submit to mediation, something that should not be reported to police or discussed with media.  Finally, after a lot of factionalization over this, many of the stories are beginning to leak out.  NY. In addition to the circumstances noted in the article, there have been other reports of groping, other alleged rapes, including of a deaf man. This has resulted in them having a designated "safer" area of the park.  According to the NY Post who came to ask how they were dealing with the snow, a camper mentioned a sexual assault and then said, "We don't tell anyone.  We handle it internally.  I said too much already".  Rapes have also been reported in OWS camps in Oakland, Cleveland, Baltimore, Dallas, Ottawa, Glasgow.  Sexual assaults or groping has been reported in many more cities. In both Baltimore and Ottawa, campers were discouraged from reporting to the police, because of the bad PR. You can actually see a video of the a camper in Ottawa trying to tell a reporter having other campers try to shut him down from talking about it. The belief is that are creating a "new society" so that they should be working it out within the group.It's not only sexual assaults but also drug dealing(including heroin dealing in front of a six year old in Boston), threatening or trying to prevent reporters form reporting-one reporter in Oakland was threatened, another had a dog sicced on him.  In NY, reporter John Huddy was threatened with being stabbed in the throat with a pen by an unstable camper who was later arrested, threatening or attacking police, thefts and a multitude of other offenses. You even have the unexplained death of a thirty year old man in Oklahoma City.


the OWS crowd are kinda crazy.  in fact, they're clinically certifiable defectives.

Al Swearengen
Al Swearengen

That's horseshit.  An "unexplained death"?  Raping deaf men?  Gullible much?  People who are raped don't just shrug it off to help create a "new society". They do what this woman did, they report it.

Obviously, there's some real batshit crazy floating around in the rightwing smear factory right now.


bla bla bla.  Keep posting that unsubstantiated hearsay to try to undercut support for this uprising all you want, but you're full of it.


that's how you get to be a leftist; ignore anything that doesn't support your ideology, or better yet blame your opponents for it.  truly lame.  morons.  fools. geeks.

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