Occupy Wall Street Buys Television Ad Spots

Insert "the revolution will not be televised" joke here. This Occupy Wall Street ad, which first surfaced a few weeks ago and is the work of David Sauvage, has appeared widely this weekend on ESPN, CBS, and Fox News (heh), among others. The ad was funded via Loudsauce, which is a kind of Kickstarter for media projects.

Sauvage has also shot two other ads, including this one that shows cops facing off against protesters on the morning of the Brookfield "cleaning":

The fundraising page for the ads reads :

The mainstream media doesn't get it. They're trying to discredit the #occupy movement as bunch of uninformed extremists who don't know what we want. But, we know who we are and we know what we want: we're a big, diverse movement that's fighting for an economy that works for all of us, not just the top 1%.

Let's take these threee 30 sec videos from YouTube and amplify them on cable TV. Let's break through the media barrier and keep spreading the movement. If enough of us chip in a little bit, we can help these diverse and clear 30 second spots reach people who we can't reach through social media.

The first ad is scheduled to run today on ESPN, Lifetime, Bloomberg, OWN, and CBS. "The whole world is watching," etc. ad nauseum!

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Andrew Nutra
Andrew Nutra

Footage left out of the OWS TV Commercial:1) I want a pony for Christmas2) I want strange men to stop sneaking in my tent at night and trying to occupy me.3) We're all in this together, except you smelly homeless people4) I want to start selling OWS snuggies!5) I want my drumming to magically change the world.6) I want to be in that "Men's Only" tent. Two snaps in Z formation and a kiss!!7) I want my tent mate to cut his toe nails, they really hurt.8) I want a new brain for Arnie9) I want OWS supporters to stop posting messages online and come join us!10) I want more of these corporate made tents and corporate made jackets.


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