Occupy Wall Street Doesn't Pair Well With Online Advertising

NYT ows home page.png

One tricky thing about OWS is that literally any product you advertise next to an item on the protest looks incredibly tacky and forces you to think the words "One percent." At least the Mercedes Benz logo is small. Meanwhile, at the Huffington Post:

huffpo OWS ad.jpg

That's a Chase Bank ad, in case you can't tell. How fitting.

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The Triple QuandaryLife, Liberty, And Congress

I bet your befuddled,What does life, liberty and congress,Have to do with poetry?It is this poets quandary,My life is not at liberty,To pursue happiness,As is my right to be,Perused by our first congress.

Those gentlemen who wrote,Such nobel words,Are doing flip-flops in their graves.For they have been replaced,By baboons on skates,With peanuts size brains.(my apologies to the baboons,Their brains are much bigger,You know)

With papers that hang on their walls,Claiming a degree of knowledge, They do not possess.Where,Common sense,Is no longer a common trait.It is as rare in congress,As aurora borealis, in Arizona.

If we dismiss, can, pink slip,Boot out, half of these gents.(T's not the word I would have used,But thought perhaps five letters,To many for their brains toAssimilate.)On second thought,Jerks,Fits fine.

Or perhaps:Bastards, beast, bleeder (for the British reader)Blighted, boorish, blunders all, bugger, buzzard,Cad (I rather like that)Cur, or rats,With not the brains to flee,The stink they've created.While arguing all the while aboutSemantics.Oh please,Don't be offend,After all I'm just one of the people,Who's intelligence you insult,Regularly.

Tell me,can you even read this?Is comprehension present?Or has it been on hiatus? I say we can the lot.Fire them all.Send them off with out a pension,See how that gets their attention.Democrat, Republican, and all thePin heads in between.

Excuses me,I think I'll continue screaming.As is my right.I earned my stripes,Along with the Asian Orange crepes suzettes.Citizenship was not born to me,I chose it to be.

May I remind you,You are where you are,By the grace of We the people.

(Created: 11/15/11) By Asilkfire

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