Scientology Thursday Stats: This Week's Roundup!

Heldal-Lund takes on an Idol
Every Thursday afternoon, Scientology's "orgs" -- its churches, as it were -- scramble to report their weekly stats to show how much progress they've made over the week before. And woe to those whose numbers are sagging!

We do something similar here at Runnin' Scared every week. A little before the Thursday 2pm deadline, we tally up the previous week's media hits and misses for the church, and we look for stories far and wide.

In fact, this week's roundup starts in far-off Norway, where one of Scientology's all-time most formidable critics took on the sort of cultural icon it's hard to beat these days: that country's version of an American Idol judge.

During our recent big countdown, we made sure that Andreas Heldal-Lund had a place of honor. For fifteen years, the unassuming Norwegian engineer has maintained one of the most important sources of information critical to Scientology, his website "Operation Clambake."
During that time, Heldal-Lund took advantage of liberal Scandinavian ideas about freedom of expression to fend off repeated attempts by Scientology's attorneys to have the website pulled down. During the 1990s, when the church's attorneys were having much more success pulling down similar sites here in the U.S., Heldal-Lund's website was a sort of beacon of Internet freedom.

Now, however, he's facing a rather interesting Scientology onslaught right in his own backyard.

Norway's version of American Idol features a celebrity judge named Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby, a popular rock singer who says he got sober with the help of Scientology's Narconon program, and who now promotes Scientology's anti-psychiatry front group, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR).

"Idol-Hank," as the Norwegian press charmingly refers to him, has apparently been very effective getting his message out to Norway's young people, and when asked about CCHR, tells the press that it has nothing to do with Scientology as a religion.

This week, Heldal-Lund took to Norway's airwaves and its largest national newspaper, Dagbladet, to take on Husby directly. I snagged this translation from Clambake:

The former lead singer of Turbonegro and now a judge on TV2 Idol, Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby uses his celebrity position in a campaign against psychiatry. This fight is built on wild conspiracy theories and is governed by the controversial Church of Scientology.

Husby's defense when confronted with this makes as much sense as if he promoted the Mafia and justified it because he loves Italian food.


Thursday's Stats: Upstat or Downstat? This is a battle that will remain confined to one Scandinavian country, but any time it is pointed out this forcefully that front groups like Narconon and CCHR are recruitment tools for the church it's a serious downstat for Scientology. And one thing's for certain -- it was something to see Heldal-Lund battling on his home turf in such a big way!

Story #2: Can't Get No Satisfaction

We noticed a fun item coming out of Toronto this week. In town to shoot another movie, Crash director Paul Haggis agreed to a local interview (what are we, chopped liver? Give us a ring, Paul!) and said he gets no satisfaction hearing that he's serving as an example of people leaving Scientology:

Paul Haggis says he's been told that his high-profile rebuke of Scientology has prompted other followers to leave the controversial church. But the Oscar-winning filmmaker insists he didn't set out to encourage others to leave the faith. Haggis says he's not on "a crusade" against Scientology...

Haggis went on to say that it was difficult to tell whether his high-profile defection from the church is affecting his career.

Thursday's Stats: Upstat or Downstat? Haggis already came off very well in Lawrence Wright's epic February profile in The New Yorker, and this note of humility will only confirm for many that his credibility is intact. Have to call this a significant downstat for the church.

Story #3: Anonymous Gets Wired

We very much enjoyed Wired magazine's initial chapter of an ambitious, in-depth look at the Anonymous movement that debuted this week. Embedding writer Quinn Norton with the SF Anons, one of the country's more active Project Chanology groups, was a brilliant idea, and she doesn't disappoint with her first part in the series, which looks back at where Anonymous came from. Even if you think you know much of that history, you'll enjoy Norton's writing and thoughtful observations about this wacky Internet phenomenon.

Thursday's Stats: Upstat or Downstat? This first chapter really didn't delve into the Anonymous fight with Scientology, so the church really didn't gain or lose much. But Norton promises that her next installment will be about Project Chanology's history of tilting against David Miscavige's organization, and that should be very interesting.

Overall a fairly quiet week here on the Scientology-watching front, which is a good thing, since we're actually at an undisclosed vacation spot outside the underground bunker. We have a feeling things are really going to heat up in a few days, however, so check back often for more Scientology updates here at Runnin' Scared!

The Top 25 People Crippling Scientology
#1: L. Ron Hubbard
#2: David Miscavige
#3: Marty Rathbun
#4: Tom Cruise
#5: Joe Childs and Tom Tobin
#6: Anonymous
#7: Mark Bunker
#8: Mike Rinder
#9: Jason Beghe
#10: Lisa McPherson
#11: Nick Xenophon (and other public servants)
#12: Tommy Davis (and other hapless church executives)
#13: Janet Reitman (and other journalists)
#14: Tory Christman (and other noisy ex-Scientologists)
#15: Andreas Heldal-Lund (and other old time church critics)
#16: Marc and Claire Headley, escapees of the church's HQ
#17: Jefferson Hawkins, the man behind the TV volcano
#18: Amy Scobee, former Sea Org executive
#19: The Squirrel Busters (and the church's other thugs and goons)
#20: Trey Parker and Matt Stone (and other media figures)
#21: Kendrick Moxon, attorney for the church
#22: Jamie DeWolf (and other L. Ron Hubbard family members)
#23: Ken Dandar (and other attorneys who litigate against the church)
#24: David Touretzky (and other academics)
#25: Xenu, galactic overlord

Tony Ortega is the editor-in-chief of The Village Voice. Since 1995, he's been writing about Scientology at several publications. | @VoiceTonyO | Facebook: Tony Ortega

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So were stats up or down this week internationally:)

Of course, might be hard to obtain that information.



I don't think Scientology has had an upstat week in a long time. Every week that goes by is filled with yet more evidence that they just cannot catch up with and try to erase from the internet and the minds of those that read it.


I have a lot of Norwegian friends and one told me that there used to be a man dressed up as a chicken who would always stand behind their recruitment desks on the main shopping street in Oslo. It used to drive them crazy as he didn't actually say or do anything but the juxtaposition was enough for most people. They called the police but they said he wasn't doing anything wrong.

Also the band is called Turbo Negro... It had a death metal kind of sound.

Chuck Beatty
Chuck Beatty

Andreas helped a lot of people.   He helped Tory, and Tory has helped a huge number of people.

Thankyou Tony and Village Voice, I've believed, since I got out, that media would be the best help to undoing Scientology's abuses.

Chuck Beattyex Scientology bureaucrat in the Sea Org (1975-2003)866-XSEAORG toll free (90% of my calls are from people screwed over one way or another by Scientology, and not actually ex Sea Org members anymore.)


"We very much enjoyed Wired magazine's initial chapter of an ambitious, in-depth look at the Anonymous movement that debuted this week. Embedding writer Quinn Norton with the SF Anons, one of the country's more active Project Chanology groups, was a brilliant idea, and she doesn't disappoint with her first part in the series, which looks back at where Anonymous came from. "Notably, Wired published a horribly written and poorly considered hit-piece on Chanology about two years ago.  Wired generally appeared to be nothing more than a tool to market tech toys at that time.I think things are much different now, strangely.  They might have taken out the trash and figured out they had lost credibly with their intended audience.

I would bet that the old article contrasts in extreme fashion with the new one, reading shortly...

Old OT7
Old OT7

As always, Tony, great piece.  Tommy "The King of the RPF's RPF" Davis said  the Pasadena, CA. org is there to minister to 10,000 scientologists in the San Gabriel Valley.  Hmmmm.  Having been in inside that org recently, I can tell you its very empty.  Watching them trying to hand out tickets to their new orientation film, I had to laugh as the vast majority of people hurriedly walked past the cults building politely saying "No thanks" to the body routers on the sidewalk.  Would love to know their stats this week... 


Quinn Norton's article illustrates exactly why we should embrace the natural symbiotic relationship we have with Marcotai and Mark Miglio.  They feed us with their retarded and inane cult promotion and we feed them with our always stellar quick witted truth.

In other words, we'd starve without them feeding us their junk food.  That's why one only need to deal with them in moderation...


Don't to forget Mark Miglio's multiple postings this week—downstats as least as big as  Marcotai's.


Holy Moly, the scientology spam-bots are going crazy today, over on LA Weekly (Village Voice's sister newspaper)!  Never have I seen so many OSA sock-puppets in one place!

http://blogs (dot) laweekly (dot) com/stylecouncil/2011/11/inside_scientology_janet_reitm.php


Oh come on Haggis, just repeat your best line for us:

"I was in a cult for thirty-four years. Everyone else could see it. I don't know why I couldn't."

Then add a new one, something like:

"Everyone should examine the history and behavior of the organizations to which they belong, and consider how it affects those drawn into it who may not be in a position of privilege as I was."

I guess it doesn't matter. Once Wright's book comes out, with his magnificent writing, Haggis can know: "The cult is shaked and baked, I halped."


Thank you, Tony! Always appreciate you checking the cult's pulse for signs of life, or death. I'm very pleased to have Quinn Norton reporting on SF Chanology, and your endorsement is very welcome. As ever, having you keep watch on the Anonymous Lulz Meters & the cult's pulse is priceless!


Good Evil Galactic Lord Xenu! Maybe a chicken suit should be the new Sea Org uniform or the Orgs should start serving chicken HubNuggets, made from a secret OT recipe of the Commodore's.


Give Wired a break. One of the most important and influential articles on the internet about scientology, internet anonymity, fair game and copyright regulation on the net came out of Wired:

Wired Issue 3.12 | Dec 1995 page 1 of 7 alt.scientology.war   By Wendy M. Grossman

[..] When computers are seized because they contain allegedly stolen intellectual property, and police pierce the security anonymous remailers, the days of the Net as a cozy cocktail party are over. Welcome to a flame war with real bullets. [..]

h t t p : / / w w w . wired . com/wired/archive/ 3.12/alt . scientology. war  . htmlFul articleh t t p : / / w w w . wired . com/wired/archive/3.12/alt.scientology . war_pr . html


I'm attempting to determine the LD50 of my treatment.

I think Miglo is crumbling. Call it "Tough Love", if you will.


Yup! Staturday, full moon + Janet Reitman!

Such a combination enturbulates moonbat $cilons. They were all frothing at the keyboard for the last 24 hours. In the end, vastly outnumbered by you-know-who, and their posts  came off only slightly less retarded than our resident moonbat $cilons.

Amazing, isn't it? People paying small fortunes in order to become retarded!

Chuck Beatty
Chuck Beatty

Agreed. I too look forward to Wright's book.      Still, to date, no writer or researcher has suffered through reading the green vols and red vols, cover to cover, nor listened to the Briefing Course lectures, and all the other lecture series available, nor has anyone gone to the people who have their secret stashes of the "limited edition" issues written by Hubbard to actually listen and read to what all Hubbard wrote and said.   I imagine Wright won't either, since that type of in depth reading of Hubbard would be so mentally challenging/painful to subject oneself to.   Wright will likely just place Hubbard in greater social context.

I hope Wright gets to Pat Broeker, and at least to the Aznarans off the record, and somehow makes some personal visits to Twin Peaks (the confidential Archives site where the Hubbard "originals" I believe are kept).   

Hugh and Janet didn't cover Watchdog Committee nor Exec Strata, nor touch upon the final years "traffic" from Hubbard, and neither explained the "Vatican" staff echelons of Scientology.

There are so many dull details of actual top ranks Scientology, and even the "Bridge to Total Freedom" which isn't suitable for a popular book, but those dull details are the framework for all the tenacious policy that is NOT at all detailed in ANY book to date, which keeps the whole "show on the road" as Hubbard said over and over.

When Writght is done, in a couple years, I'll likely write the dull details, just for dull minded nerds in the future, who are curious about the dull details of the whole behind the scenes framework of this cult.


Chicken HubNuggets have to be marinaded in 13 different batches of rum, then BBQed over smouldering Kool non-filters.  It's not a recipe that I can recommend.  I'd try the Boo-Hoo Clams instead.


It should be bewildering to the cult sock puppet(s), that their cult enlists them, among their 10 million strong, to handle all this "entheta." The Internet is growing in strength and importance every year.

Let's say a person accepts a ticket to go watch the cult movie, and they find themselves buying into the promise. Every year it is getting more likely, they will also go on the web to find information. There are just too many good reasons to do so.

For decades, the cult has promoted itself as THE place to go for answers. Don't listen to anyone else, just us. That's laughable, when there are so many answers on the web. There are too many people like Andreas of Norway,  who are not recruiting into a costly money-suck, but are giving of themselves freely, generously and responsibly. They are the promise for the future.


Poor Mark. I fell kinda sorry for the guy.

Hey I know! Let's make a sing-a-long video just like the scientologists have and post it on here. That might make him feel better!



I don't understand how you people are sooooooo superstitious.

It's just this little chromium switch here . . .

Climb on board the crazy train and take this opportunity to enturbulate the LA Sci-Loons. Just follow the link.


Chuck - the book you're describing is the Scn book I want to read. I hope you write it.

And I couldn't agree more that the writer who finally gets Pat Broeker to spill his guts will have a whole new story. I think he holds at least some of the keys to truly understanding the foundations of the post-LRH CoS.


Stop needling me! I'm busy operating!


Mark, the DeWolf reference was regardng family harassment and oppression by Scientology . It did not matter whether Dewolf took money ( which he did because he neededit for medical care), the oppressive fair gaming and threat of it continued afterwards for that family. For generations.

Logical or not, you don't know what kind of settlement if any was made with Broeker. It must bother you to not know because you seem resentful. I have seen ths many times when it comes to people wanting to know the terms of a settlement and not be able to. They feel cheated. Fact is, you have never been in the situation where you are forced into one. None of these who have signed have ever promised not to sign one, except Erlich who lost respect from many supporters ( financial and otherwise) during the days of that court matter. Even so, you do not know what makes a person agreee to them but I can tell you money itself is never the reason. Its a means to stopping the oppression, the PIs the harassment. Or so the person is lead to believe the signing of one will stop the madness.. That Miscavige followed and kept tabs on Broeker for so long tells us that, even if he received money, that the money was never going to get the monkey off the back. All it takes is one move to violate the agreement and all hell will break looose. Thats what keeps people silenced. Fear of the consequences. I see this in lesser degree with those who sign them on Narconon complaints, except these people are not scientologists. They just want to move on. Who can blame them?

I don't care about the upper level dox and saw no need to make my opinion known on what Broeker was doing but since you asked, here is what I believe.

I think Pat was lying about what he had with him because he was made to go out there and lie to us.  I think he had many LRH writings which probably did not make much sense to him but did to LRH and he was made to go out there and promise everyone that the bridge was secure.  Miscavige needed him out there. The guy was very nervous on stage. Anyone who knew him could tell you that. To me it seems that DM had a gun to his head all throughout that event.

Marty says there are no OT levels after OT VIII. That does not surprise me either.  But do you think Pat was responsible for all that? Hubbard was the hoaxter. Not Pat. He was hired and trusted by Hubbard to be his right arm while Hubbard was on the lam. I could care less if he made money off of Hubbard. Hubbard was no fool. He even made Pat his executor at one time. If Marty wants to call Pat a crook, then he should be willing to call Hubbard one, too. Marty can't have it both ways with Broeker.  

I was around when there was an event in LA where Annie and Pat Broeker were introduced by Miscavige as Hubbard's Loyal Officers who the church was entrusted to . Annie came up and spoke, she played Hubbard's last song or some suchsimple song - it was the usual juvenile LRH music- but she and Pat were like 2 country bumpkins on that stage sharing the LRH they knew and loved, talking about him as a human being, not a God. And you could see Miscavige bristling, wondering ' what kind of mistake have I made' because these two looked the antithesis of the Sea Org. I wish someone had a video of that event because in it one can clearly see the devil DM and the grieving but loving Broekers up there trying to convey hubbard in a human light as a kind and jovial man who they spent many days with.

At the time I was shocked at how common these people looked and acted. So undignified. I actually thought they ddn't belong on that stage, being so friggin brainwashed myself by that time, to think that being down to earth and humble and sweet was 'downstat'. So it did not surprise me to find out later that they had been removed. Public were not informed of the issue that came out, that Broekers were frauds etc, so I didn't know that part but that crack in the Truman Show veneer, of seeing humans being human and humble, was enough to skake up my world. DM getting rid of them so quickly immediately sealed the opening of thatcrack into reality and I was back to being a solid Scn, comfortable with the military structure of management and the world scientology outside reality.

If you've been around long enough and have kept up with things, you will know that Marty has a long way to go in talking about his wrongdoings and what he knows. I am glad he's speaking up about some of them. I hope he makes a practice of it. Confession is good for the heart and exposing Scientology is good for the world.

I think you might be too naive to believe one can just go and get immunity to speak, and get in witness protection programs or get the aid of the FBI. If there were congressional hearings, people could testrify with immunity and that would be terrific but we have a long way to go on getting that accomplished and surely there have been many efforts to get this done. You could help on that. You could contact Graham Berry and see what needs to be done next. I'm sure Anonymous has something going on this. But it takes more than just talking about it to get things done. In the meantime, it's best to not judge Broeker until you have the facts. Doing so is like blaming Jamie DeWolf's mother, grandfather and  etc for caving in. Does no good. Jamie gave us some facts, a picture., Hopefully we will have one from Broeker's end. Until then, do what you can to help make it easier for them and all others who can't speak up.


Thanks for your response. Ron DeWolf is a bad comparison to the Broeker issue, since we are pretty sure he accepted a hefty payoff, right? I would have done the same, if I were in his position.

It seems only logical to me that Broeker signed a monetary settlement at the time. This was key to making the Miscavige transition go smoothly. Pat knew more about Hubbard's last years than the rest of the executives put together! And there were "suitcases" of cash floating around.

You have nothing to say about Pat getting up at the taped death event and saying Ron left a stack of OT materials 3 feet high (he motions it) including a level to be administered after death? I think we should hear a peep out of him about that. Time is of the essence to get as much information from Pat as possible. It won't be that many decades before the few who were close to Hubbard, especially the last years, will be dead.

Miscavige doesn't owe anyone anything either. It wasn't his fault he was brainwashed into the cult at an early age, and tries to stick to all the loony, lying, controlling, silencing policies of Hubbard.

At least Marty, while defending Hubbard cuckoo to the hilt, admits some wrong-doing in hitting people, hunting them down, and destroying some documents in the Lisa M case.

I don't mind being an armchair critic. The critics can sometimes see things the ex-culties can't.

If Jenna had the courage to come out and speak as she did, Pat might do that too. I don't think he should be forced. I just think he should be encouraged, maybe go over his gag agreement with an attorney or the FBI if necessary.


You wrote: "The other figure Wright could cause a stir with, is interviewing Miscavige's brother or missing wife."

Ron Miscavige will never talk. He's another one trying to preserve his family, his livilhood and his peace of mind. Why do you think we hear less from Jenna Miscavige Hill, his daughter? She's trying to do the same for herself and her immediate family, to not stir things up again to where her parents will be as harassed as she and her husband Dallas were. Most likely all of them are stil under surveilance by the cult, as are so many who have spoken up or are a threat if they do.

I remember being upset early on when we didn't hear from Ronnie after Jenna made her brave and important contributions to exposing scientology. The I realized what a deadly game this is with Scientology. For me, I just pray that truth will be revealed and that others not suffer from fair game. Sometimes thats all you can do  


There's much propaganda about Broeker, so beware of what you read. To answer your questions:Broeker is in the Czech Republic, yes. If anyone took a few minutes to google his name, they would find that out, as I did. From what I could tell, he's been there for some time now, gainfully employed and having nothing to do with Scientology. Of course, he's silent and cannot cooperate with journalists or post on forums about his experiences in or opinions about Scientology because, even as Marty implies in his comments about PIs and harassment of him, Broeker is under the Miscavige gun and always will be. That speaks to me of a traditional Scientology gag with consquences if broken. Scientology Gag Agreements have legal, personal and familial consequences and anyone being forced into signing one to get away from the insanity does so to obtain peace. Why do you think it's taken a 4th generation Hubbard/Dewolf to finally take the courageous steps to break the noose that has bound his grandfather and decendents?

That Marty and friends taunt Broeker with verbal attacks on his credibility while Broeker is not in a position to respond or defend himself speaks much of the approach Marty has taken in trying to control the history of what happened in Scientology before and after Hubbard died. Broeker will probably go to the grave with what he knows and Marty will have been complicit with Miscavige in having made that possible. Still, its a choice Broeker was forced to make, just as it is with Terri Gamboa and others who have been silenced and are just trying to make the best of their life around the contraints of the gag.

You speak about money as if you know something. Fact is, there is no evidence Broeker left with a bundle of money, only rumor without facts. In fact, I suspect that Miscavige made Broeker indebted to to the church. Pat could have easily fought to keep the Creston property as he purchased it for Hubbard under an assumed name but he didn't.  What do you know about any money? Only what Marty tells us or implies, right? Well, until we have some docs that prove he has money from Scientology it is best to not perpetuate rumors. You think living in Czech Republic at a distance from Miscavige's harassing henchmen is the equivilent to living in luxury in exile? My God.

Broeker does not owe anyone anything. Not Reitman, not Wright. Not you, me or not anyone. Its very easy to armchair critic someone like Broeker but do try to walk a mile in his shoes and do think twice before perpetuating propaganda that makes him out to be a bad guy. Many people knew and loved Broeker and in silence they honor that memory, knowing that in Broeker's silence there is a bigger picture yet to be revealed.


Broeker is in the Czech Republic? They must have really wanted him out of the way! Reitman mentioned in an interview, he wouldn't cooperate or wouldn't be interviewed. She didn't press it. I'm with Chuck. Pat is a key figure in a major way:

He's not in the cult, so why shouldn't he be able to comment?

Why did he announce at the Death Event (right after Ron croaked) that Hubbard left a stack of OT materials 3 feet high, including a level that was supposed to be done after death? Sorry, I meant dropping the meat body.

If money is the issue, maybe Wright can get the money to pay off Broeker and put him in a witness-protection program.

Even though Broeker didn't cooperate with Reitman, I think he should have been investigated to see what kind of lifestyle he lives. It would be interesting to know if he hasn't worked at anything, or if he has a really nice house.

The other figure Wright could cause a stir with, is interviewing Miscavige's brother or missing wife.


I think Pat Broeker has much to say of importance.  I think Broeker, who has in recent years resided in the Czech Republic, was railroaded and silenced and is a threat to not only Miscavige but to Marty et al. Look at all the Broeker bashing Martay and crew have been spewing these last 2 years. Marty's reporting to the SP Times that Broeker was harassed and spied on for years at Miscavige's orders ( which he helped get carried out ) may well be a message to Broeker to stay put and keep quiet ' or else'.  Lets hope that if he arrives on the scene to speak up that we are ready for all the black propaganda sheet to hit the fan. I, for one, will be there to support his right to have his say before I make judgement on the man. Afterall, Robert Vaughn Young loved and trusted him and that goes far in my book.


Thanks for the super de dooper simple sekret answer! ps: I love that video. Thanks for the repeat lulz


How are you getting approval on your comments which contain complete links? What system are you logging in with? Disqus won't allow it. I may switch to whatever you are logging in on :) 


Everybody needles somebody sometime...Dean Martin.

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