Starbucks Defends Itself Against Bathroom-Closing Allegations

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An item ran in today's Post claiming that Starbucks, long the public bathroom of choice for New Yorkers, is putting an end to the practice of letting the general public use the facilities. The article quoted a "source familiar with the company's New York plans" saying that Starbucks is going to convert all of its bathrooms to employee-only bathrooms. A city mourned.

But Starbucks itself has taken to Twitter to deny that it's planning anything of the kind.

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So, that appears to be that. Go pee in a Starbucks (bathroom), like you are wont to do.

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maybe in nyc but not herre in sf or san jose. starbucks is still my bathroom of choice to smoke tar heroin in once i score, plus the peppermint mochas are the bomb! :) lol thanks sbx!


Actually a grocery store here recently locked their bathroom and won't let you use it until you shop for something and stand in line to pay for it and then the cashier can't give you the token for the bathroom, you have to then go stand in another line to get the token for the bathroom. How is this fair? Or legal? Aren't there health laws about having to provide bathrooms?


Is it legal to have a restaurant that does not offer bathrooms to the public so they can wash their hands before they eat and use the bathroom? There are a lot of Subway sandwich restaurants that do not have bathrooms and some places that have a bathroom, they refuse to let you use it until you buy something even when you say you will order something after you use the bathroom they say no you must order first before you can use the bathroom and here you are almost going in your pants. This doesn't seem fair. A lot of donut shops don't have a bathroom or they have one for employees but won't let the customers use it.


They are lying.  I have seen it happen already at the store on 42nd street off 5th.

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