Staten Island Man Will Not Stand For Minor League Baseball Stadium's Fireworks

Watch the video above. That, friends, is the consequence of living near the Richmond County Bank Ballpark: fireworks all the time, after every home game, according to this account by a Staten Island resident named Steve in Brick Underground.

Steve tells BU:

Every night of a home game there is a weird silence after the game, long enough for my wife and I to think, "Oh crap. It's coming," and then the fireworks start. I even know the type: It's a firework called 'The Atomic Bomb'. It's an M-80.

Other noise shoots straight up from the field too. My friend sang the national anthem one day, and I heard her name announced during dinner.

In addition, around game time, the whole neighborhood becomes a parking lot.

Noise! In New York City! Wow.

However: a rep from the Staten Island Yankees told us that they only have fireworks on the weekends (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) during the season, and "We don't have fireworks every night." So there's that.

Apart from the fireworks, it seems as though Steve's biggest problem is actually a libidinous French giant.

To add to the discomfort caused by the stadium sounds, we are plagued by another type of noise. Our upstairs neighbor is a 6' 5" French photographer. He spends half the year in Paris, and half the year living above us. We feel like we live beneath a French Godzilla and because he is a good-looking photographer, for the 6-months he lives above us, we have to hear his love interest of the night, who usually is wearing heels and feels the need to scream a lot.

Living on Staten Island is hard.

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Steven Lowell
Steven Lowell

UPDATE: I had a serious issue occur today in my apt building and we need to start looking elsewhere. I live in a Gateway Arms Realty building. My advice: Stay away from this company. Here is why: A bedbug issue was discovered in my apt. at Gateway Arms, the business address of the same apt building I live in. The staff at Gateway offered the services of an exterminator to fix it. The exterminator showed, did not do an inspection, and asked to prepare for an extermination of the entire apt. The day of the extermination, the exterminator yelled at us complaining we did not prepare according to his guidelines, which we did, and he offered no suggestions for what to do.

The exterminator complained that we did not take light socket plates off the wall, which were impossible to remove. He stated he would talk to Gateway which he did not, about removing them.

I called an inspector to come research the apt. I wanted to have it treated by someone else other than the building's exterminator because the one I found actually inspected.

Gateway attempted to force me into a contract that if I used my services, and other bedbug issues were found, I would be liable.

Gateway neglected to tell residents of their own building that bedbug issues had already been discovered in the apt building. Other residents have used their own services to exterminate bedbugs because they do not trust the building's management.

There are known bedbug issues in the apt. building I am in that no one has mentioned to management. Yesterday I received abusive treatment, accusations, and phone calls from the management and the exterminator.

Today, it became very ugly. Laura Fitzsimmons, sales associate, accused me of setting off a fire alarm in an elevator, even though the fire department was JUST there that morning because a light socket fire took place, and my apartment had no electricity. Management claimed we overloaded the circuit. We plugged in an iron!Our first call...we were told someone would be there right away. No one showed until we called the fire dept. Gateway then refused to send an electrician to the apt. after an electric outlet fire claiming "We cant because of the bedbug problem." This was told to my wife on the phone with a Gateway staff member.

Gateway Management was aware that the residents could have faced a bedbug issue, and chose not to announce it to any of its residents, yet they try to force some BS contract on me to make me liable. DISGUSTING. Staten Island is hard. The people who live out here are morons. Running for my life now..


"Noise! In New York City!"

C'mon - since when did the VV ever consider SI part of NYC???


Hey hey! Come now.

There is a difference between "noise" and "simulated gunfire". What I failed to mention; there is a police precinct a block away, and I had a bird's eye view of several downtown Manhattan events over the course of the past 13 years in this apartment; from stealth bombers flying over on July 4th, to low flying jets testing security, and yeah ... 9/11. I grew up in NYC, so as we say "It is what it is". The French giant...well...who knows. Staten Island is a hard place to live. Between the overcrowding, bridge tolls, and lack of culture, I keep Manhattan in my sites just in case I need to swim for my life one day.

Peace, StevenVoice123

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