The 'Pepper Spraying Cop' Is Officially a Meme

baby seal pepper spray.jpg
Over the weekend, peaceful student protesters at UC Davis were pepper-sprayed by a campus cop at point-blank range. Video of the incident went viral, prompting widespread outrage. UC Davis put their police chief on leave and people are calling for the resignation of the responsible cop, Lt. John Pike, and the school's chancellor Linda Katehi.

Now, just like everything else, the pepper-spray cop has become a meme.

george washington pepper spray .jpg

Pepper Spraying Cop crosses the Delaware.

seurat pepper spray cop .jpg

"Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte" -- featuring Pepper Spraying Cop!

frodo pepper spray .jpg

Pepper Spraying Cop more dangerous than Ringwraiths, even.

As for the real Pepper Spraying Cop, he's still employed but has been put on leave.

[] [@_rosiegray]

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He should have either shot them or arrested them or both, and it doesn't matter in what order he did it in., that would make it all better now, wouldn't it


Yes obozo and pelosi are definitely PIGS!!!

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