Why Is Sarah Silverman Quoted On the Back of Gil Scott-Heron's Memoir?

We often receive advance copies of forthcoming books here at the office. Today we got The Last Holiday, memoir of recently deceased Gil Scott-Heron, which is coming out in January 2012. These are the people quoted on the back: Chuck D, Eminem, and...Sarah Silverman.

Yes, Sarah Silverman.

sarah silverman.jpg
Nick Murray

It's random, right? Chuck D and Eminem, OK, that makes sense. But what connection could Sarah Silverman possibly have to Gil Scott-Heron, radical poet, artist, and musician?


silverman tweet.png

Her blurb came from a tweet. Book publishing is really something these days.

[h/t Nick Murray]

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I'm going to flag this comment because it is link spam. Please delete it!


This is perfect. Sarah tweets half in eloquent heartfelt earnest, and half with a joke. Then the publishers take the serious part and, with a straight face, put it on the book jacket. It makes the original, unquoted joke even funnier than before. It's a kind of performance art. Gil would have loved it. 

jay smooth
jay smooth

Really though, I'd argue this is *more* credible than the usual (and usually meaningless) blurbs.. it's quoting a sincere tribute, rather than the usual process of calling in favors amongst industry insiders.. and a tribute more perceptive than all the boilerplate "GODFATHER OF RAP" obits at the time, I might add..

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