Bret Easton Ellis on Bullying: 'Deal With It'

American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis, who is only the second most annoying novelist on Twitter, doesn't mince words. He's generally full of Very Definitive Opinions about movies, TV, and other culture stuff, and last night he cottoned onto a new subject: bullying.

Bret Easton Ellis .png

Contentious, isn't it, in the age of "It Gets Better"?

Knowing Bret Easton Ellis though (well, not personally), it's not that surprising that the man would have some views that are less than warm and fuzzy. Have you ever read Less Than Zero? Obviously American Psycho? Etc.

Some fans on Twitter weren't necessarily pleased:

bret easton ellis reaction .png

That sentiment could be in reaction to any number of Ellis' tweets, though, including our personal favorite:

Bret Easton Ellis 2.png

We have that problem sometimes too.

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I do think kids are ridiculously coddled nowadays (trophies for everyone? seriously?) and that learning to lose is an important part of growing up, but no one should be afraid to go to school (or anywhere) because of bullies. kinda missed the mark on this one, bret.


I haven't read Bret Easton Ellis's work, but his statement regarding bullying is something I'd expect from someone who doesn't have much to offer as a writer.  His simplistic statement about how he just "manned up" ignores the real human horror which bullied kids experience.  Maybe he succeeded in using that system himself, but for some kids it means getting violent.  We don't need more school shootings.

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