Credit Suisse Reportedly Evacuated for Suspicious Package [Updated]

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In other breaking news today,

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Credit Suisse is located at 11 Madison Avenue. DCPI tells us they are "aware" of the situation but that they don't currently have info. This may be the "sister building" (1 Madison and 23rd) to Credit Suisse, across the street, with the suspicious package possibly found in the mailroom (this is unconfirmed). Updates follow...

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According to Business Insider, there are "hundreds standing in Madison Square Park."

According to a Credit Suisse employee answering phones at 11 Madison, the building evacuated is 1 Madison. She said "at this time all systems are down" in that building -- everyone has been evacuated, and they don't have more information currently.

Conflicting reports continue to come in. Called for clarification, DCPI says they "have nothing to release about this situation just yet."

From Reuters:

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We'll update as we have more.

And...according police, via Reuters, there is no threat. Thankfully.

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