Scientology Leader David Miscavige Digs Israel; BONUS: Black People are Cool! (UPDATED)

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The Voice was leaked a copy of Scientology's latest gala -- its October meeting of the International Association of Scientologists -- which took place in the UK, near L. Ron Hubbard's legendary home, Saint Hill Manor.

At three hours long, it's an interminable amount of time to watch diminutive church leader David Miscavige talk about what a bang-up job Scientology is doing to make the world a better place. Honestly, I don't know how the guy does it. He doesn't seem to have Teleprompters, and never glances at his script. [Mike Rinder has corrected me on this. See note, below.] He just goes on and on in a program that was clearly written carefully ahead of time, extolling the gains of the past decade since the 9/11 attacks, which he calls "The Wake-Up Call."

Somehow, we got nearly to the end of the three hours, when something happened that was really interesting -- at least to us here at the Voice. Miscavige started talking about a place we've actually been to and reported on. He started talking, in other words, about the new "org" in Jaffa, Israel, that is associated with attempted murder, two arson attempts, and a hairy new lawsuit. Oh, this ought to be good, we thought!

Somehow, Miscavige left all that good stuff out. We've taken about four minutes from the video so you can see how he characterized the new building...

Miscavige gave this presentation in October, giving the impression that the org was open for business with its "more than 200 staff."

In November, when we went by to see for ourselves, it was a different story.

The building, formerly an Art Deco 1930s masterpiece known as the Alhambra theater, has indeed been restored to its former glory by an Arab Islamic contractor from Nazareth named Naif Salati, who is now suing Scientology. Salati's attorney, Eitan Erez, told me that Salati was shorted millions of shekels in the renovation. Salati was also never told that it was Scientology he was doing the renovation for. He was hired by a man named Gur Finkelstein, who purported to be the sole owner. In fact, Finkelstein was an attorney fronting for Scientology as the church attempted to get a toehold in Tel-Aviv/Jaffa.

Finkelstein himself turned out to be quite a piece of work. As we've written previously, Finkelstein is in jail awaiting trial on multiple counts of attempted murder and attempted arson as he allegedly tried to have the building burned down twice; he is also accused of trying to have killed a municipal official who opposed part of the building's expansion, a man who is married to his ex-wife, and a witness to the fire-bombings.

Even with Finkelstein in jail and Salati suing, the building is finished and ready for business, but when we visited in November, it still hadn't opened its doors. Scientology was waiting for a government office to give it a permit to allow in the public. Unlike the U.S., Israel is one of those countries that doesn't automatically roll over if you call yourself a church on the way to taking money out of people with claims of giving them superpowers. (I'm checking on the current status of the building and the lawsuit.)

After celebrating one "Ideal Org" with issues, Miscavige then turns to another, the recently-opened facility in Inglewood, California, which is Scientology's most ambitious effort yet to get a few black people into what is otherwise a lily-white enterprise. (Harlem has an org, but I was just told by a fellow reporter that it has a total of 9 members, and we've documented Scientology's strange alliance with the Nation of Islam, which can't end well.)

We felt we must share with you Miscavige's performance as he transitions from talking about the new Jaffa org to the one in Inglewood. Prepare to cringe...

Awkward, Dave. Awkward.

Let's see that quote again: "Talk about a permeating and penetrating culture. Or to put it another way, most white folks wouldn't have a clue what it means to be cool if it weren't for Black America."

Earth to Miscavige: Black people are cool? Well, why do you think none of them have joined your superpowers club? Think about it.

Anyway, after showing scenes of the fancy new building, the requisite crowd shot followed, but this one was aimed differently. Were they trying to catch someone in particular?

Yes! There, in the second row, was none other than our friend Chill EB!


In the sea of white, you had to look pretty carefully to catch him, but those are definitely his signature chin-whiskers.

Alas, there was no Chill performance during this particular event. (And believe me, some "Dauntless, Defiant, and Resolute" would have been a welcome interruption of Miscavige's endless delivery, with his idiosyncratic use of English grammar.)

In point of emphasis on that fact, as Dave would say, we know when it's time to get off the stage. Until the next gala, here's a hip-hip-hooray for LRH and the tech!

UPDATE: Mike Rinder tells me that Miscavige does, indeed, use Teleprompters. Rinder, the former top spokesman of Scientology, says that Miscavige is filmed in such a way as to keep the prompters out of the picture. Here's the message he just sent me:

Tony -- Miscavige uses a teleprompter for EVERY speech he delivers. It's shot so you can't see the screens. But if you look again and note his rhythmic back and forth, left to right, right to left it is a giveaway that someone is reading from a prompter. He has been doing it for 15 years so he has become pretty good at disguising it. He is using a teleprompter -- nobody could remember those idiotically constructed sentences written by Dan Sherman and if you tried to talk like that contemporaneously you would get tongue tied and confuse yourself and not be able to complete a sentence (sometimes the case even with the teleprompters). I coined this "speech speech," "Shermanspeak."

Tony Ortega is the editor-in-chief of The Village Voice. Since 1995, he's been writing about Scientology at several publications. | @VoiceTonyO | Facebook: Tony Ortega

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Sherman borrowed the black culture speech from Cedric the Entertainer's speech in Be Cool.

NE Mom
NE Mom 2 Like

Cringing...actually, convulsing from the gag reflex this article and video produced. It's an OMG moment caught on camera. As a non-white individual I see this video as EXPLOITATION. C'mon Miscaviage, do you really think non-Anglos are going to jump on board because you've suddenly opened your arms to non-Anglo races, or because being non-Anglo is cool in your view (suddenly)?!!! Grow up....OK, sorry. You are clearly past your growth spurt. But seriously, you think a nod to the fashion sensibility and cultural impact of people who are not Anglo is going to make Scientology cool/relevant?!! Think again. Scientology didn't fight or stand up for Megar Evers, or when the Rev. Martin Luther King was assassinated so why would we need you???!!! They were leaders. You are a pagan. You have no cause, no foundation and no legitimacy so you now choose to attach yourself to people who have fought for freedom, respect and equality - only you've done none of the work. Vile is the only way to describe this opportunistic piece of excrement called David Miscaviage.

Skin color should not matter but Scientology is playing the race card. I'm sure Tom and Connor Cruise appreciate Scientology's magnaminous effforts but it's still an opportunistic cult that pretends to be color blind. PATHETIC!!!!


Since when do Americans refer to a segment of the population as 'white folks' if they are not automatically inferring that the opposite side of the spectrum is 'black folks'?!!!Stating colour and class distinctions in these archaic terms is clear evidence that Miscavige is way behind the times in terms of acceptable attitudes towards Americans of any colour, creed or culture. I thought you might like this quote from Miscavige's 2001 issue to all Scientologists 'Wake up Call'"...The public knows other religions have failed. Every one of them had an original goal of peace, love and compassion. And yet, one by one, they became involved in war themselves—all because they lacked the technology to achieve their aims—Christianity, Islam, Judaism—you name it. All except us..."- Captain David Miscavige"http://www.suppressiveperson.o...Delusional???Beautiful analysis of the situation Tony. Bang on target! Thanks for exposing this mad man!


That was painful to watch. Seriously! Did anybody notice how  strange the cadence of his lecture sounded? 


Miscavige is an intellectual midget, cut off from mainstream reality.  That's why he talks funny.


And by intellectual midget, I meant small intellect, not short physical stature, although rumour has it that is the case, too

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage 2 Like

Today the term Uncle Tom is a derogatory word to describe black people who are doing the bidding of a white master. But that is what you are Chill E.B.

You are leading the black community right into bankruptcy by endorsing this greedy cult,and the black community deserves better than that.

But that's okay, its all right to be a house ni***r to David Miscaviage if you are paid well, huh?

There is a price for just getting paid Chill EB.The brothers who worked for the government to spy on and eliminate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were just getting paid. Those blacks that participated (knowingly) in the Tuskegee experiment were just getting paid and those brothers who helped put Africans on ships were just getting paid. I can’t tell anyone how to get paid, but don’t act like there are no consequences for excepting money from a known criminal organization.

I truly hope the black community doesn't fall for this $cientology money scam.


Miscavige clearly thought his black people are cool line was an applause line. It didn't sound like the audience got the memo. They were subdued as compared to the Israel Org video. Mayhaps the attendees knew that Miscavige's blacks are cool statement was utterly lame, full of lies, and panderingly patronizing. They probably were not as well informed abut the Israel Org.


Miscavige wants everybody to be Kools.He can then smoke 'em just like his poppa.


I've watched that 4 min clip over a few times and I still can't see a scientology cross anywhere either inside or outside of that building. Why don't they have one, Hmmmm.

Scientia 1 Like

Shame on you, Chill EB.

People are being abused, imprisoned, even tortured. Yet there you stand, lapping up DM's bullshit stats as if they actually mean something.

Don't pretend you're not aware of what is really happening behind the scenes. You're not that fucking dumb, surely. Take some responsibility. The more you turn a blind eye to the truth the lesser the being you will inevitably become. Is that what you want for yourself?

Clap away at the smarmy fuck up there with his prompter. If a family is ripped apart in the meantime who really gives a shit, right? Not you, clearly. Not when there's a marvellous new building with a shiny, marble-floored reception to gawp at.

Shame on you, Chill EB. Shame on you.


I figure both guys have a withhold (or something) on the word "extemporaneous" because for decades, their thoughts, words and actions were based on a script written by Hubbard, or the orders they were given by someone above them in the cult.

Even if they are both computer semi-literates, you'd think they'd know how to use a dictionary, wouldn't you?

For those of us outside the Sea Org, vocabulary comes naturally from reading, and by reading, I mean reading things other than Hubbard cuckoo. Maybe they both consider themselves to be word prophets, here to assign new meaning to old words, just like Hubbard?

John Hancock
John Hancock

Contemporaneous means "at the same time". Well strictly speaking "existing or occuring at the same time".

It's a clever way of saying "if you had to remember the script and speak in that melodic way at the same time..."


David's hot air is like a helium balloon about to go pop.

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

I guess Nation Of Islam and $cientology make perfect partners when it comes to lying.

Scientology's teachings explicitly make clear that lying for the cause of Scientology is completely acceptable. Islam does something similar. Known as the practice of taqiyya, Muslims are given explicit permission in Islamic teachings to lie to non-Muslims if it serves the goals of Islam.

Thou Shalt Not Lie doesn't work and doesn't help people. lol


 It was events like this one that finally woke us up.  We could hardly sit still and listen to this droning, ridiculously written drivel.  The clincher was the stat graphs.  My husband, who is extremely logical and thinks like a mathematician, started noticing how the graphs indicated growth but never with the correct information, i.e., 10x compared to what?  in what period of time? We knew there was something very wrong, especially since all we had to do was look around us and we could clearly see that scientology was NOT being used or talked about favorably or invited into people's lives or solving ANY of the world's problems.  All the promises of the ias were empty and the scare tactics were over-the-top.  We were tired of hearing the hype and seeing no results.  We confronted Howard Becker, our ias reg (who traveled around with Micheal Roberts), asking him where was some evidence of all the great work the ias was doing.  Show me the results!  There was nothing he could say, except to pull out that tired bulls*it about "the fate of every man, woman and child on the planet blah blah blah".  We got out and haven't looked back. 


Chilly Beanie should put the Cobster in a video. 


This "open to all faiths" claim has always confused me.  Are there any scientologist that believe in other faiths as well as scientology?  I know the Nation of Islam is being brought into the "church", but in my opinion, they're as much of a cult as scientology.

Dean Fox
Dean Fox

The whole NoI church of scientology relationship is a spectacularly rare event. I've not come across the merger of two cults like this in a few hundred years; was common place for conquering regimes to subsume local cults in to their own - Romans had it down to an art form, later examples were more tacky. I digress.

This is different, this is like a corporate alliance but I can't see what the NoI gets out of it; could be an aggressive merger disguished as an alliance. It remains to be seen if the church of scientology sucks up the NoI and what weirdness will result.


Could it be that Louis Farrakhan has simply been indoctrinated into Scientology?


How does the cult always manage to find crooked lawyers like Gur Finkelstein? We know that Elliot Abelson was hired due to his known connections to the Mafia. But what about Gur Finkelstein - what kind of reputation did he have? It would seem that he must have done some kind of dirty dealings in the past for the cult to have actively sought him out -- presumably as someone who could likely be trusted to break the law with impunity (and hopefully not get caught).

Does Gur Finkelstein have a criminal record or has he been involved with underworld figures in the past? Or are we to believe that it's just an amazing coincidence that the Scientology cult so often winds up hiring some of the most disreputable people imaginable.


Watching DM with his crooked half-smile and I-love-me-almost-as-much-as-Tom-Cruise-does attitude, I couldn't help but feel a pang for the A/V folks who had to deal with him in the days and weeks leading up to the event.  Marc Headley's "Blown For Good" does a really nice job of describing the 24-hour-a-day torture of trying to please DM in preparing for such occasions.  I wonder how many times DM punched, slapped or just issued a stern "get yourself to the fuckin' RPF!" to the offenders as the hours ticked down to "Showtime!" 

MarkStark 1 Like

Uh, note to Rinder: word-clear "contemporaneously."

Rinder means "extemporaneously" and we know Miscavige isn't speaking off the top of his head. If he were, he'd be like Ron, "not of this planet."

As was once noted, Miscavige uses a "rolling thunder" approach to oratory, which is kind of rhythmic, building to small climaxes and falling.

Honestly, the first time I heard him, I thought his delivery was quite good, although it was oily and artificial. After hearing him many more times, it just makes me want to STRANGLE. Turn the robot dwarf off! Please!

The thing that bothers me the most when watching him, is thinking of his audience being spellbound. Hubbard was a pompous blowhard too, using big words, often awkwardly, and even changing the meaning of words and creating his own. Little Davie is just serving the Source the best he can and the audience eats it up.

If using words like "ramparts" sounds funny to us. Well, little Davie grew up in a different world. Marty Rathbun struggles with language, in writing mainly. That's what cults do to people. Cults cut people off. Miscavige's speeches are great words to the mind f'kd.

If you think he's bad, listen to Pat Broeker at the LRH death event. Listen to Pat Harney, or probably Karin Pouw reading a prepared statement.

As transparent as his acting is to us, there is one thing Miscavige radiates, even to me, and that is CONFIDENCE. He is in total control.

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

If you guy's want to view more, go to you tube and type in: Scientology Human Trafficking In Inglewood.

He talks about Inglewood org having a day- care. Do all orgs have a day-care?


Once your new beingness is delivered in The Way to Happiness room, you won't need kids. Mars needs Moms!


Other Orgs have sort of a day-care, but it is called the Sea Org recruitment desk. It is for parents who don't mind their child's day turning into 12 years.


"$cientology is a universal religion open to those of every faith". Of course it is. As long as you ask no questions, tell no tales and keep handing over the cash they don't really give a crap what you believe. It's not like you're even going to hear what $cientology is really about for several years anyway.


Myself, I would love to watch the full three hours. Tony?

TonyOrtega 1 Like

There's this thing called copyright. Fortunately, I can show a few minutes out of a 3-hour show under something called Fair Use. I hope that helps clear up the concept.


  Not to mention cruel and unusual punishment.


Hi tony

I would be very tone 40 if someone sent me the vid.

I, or wwp people, could upload to rutube.


Showing all 3 hours would be "Fair Game"; very different concept!

Chocolate Velvet
Chocolate Velvet 2 Like

"The west coast capitol of African-American culture; Inglewood CA!".


Seriously? Wow.

As a member of the culture so highly esteemed by this puzzling mini-man, I sing with joy at such profound understanding of what defines us as a whole - rappin' gangstas in the hood.

Oh yeah black people, this tiny white dude thinks we're cool. We can all relax now. It's not the same old pandering bullshit we've been hearing from folks forever, this guy really means it. Look! He has a black friend! And he's come to bring us "freedom"? Wow! Never heard that one before. Sign me up! Hey, is that Louis Farrakhan over there?Jackpot!!!!

Dean Fox
Dean Fox

Sounds like you think he's being patronising... :)

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

 There's just something about DM's voice that makes me wanna drop-kick his miserable little ass across the room. This guy acts like he's giving an Academy Awards acceptance speech, and fails with his irritating sing-songy voice.

He sounds more like what he is- a bad actor painfully delivering his lines from a teleprompter.


Like the Academy Awards, this "production" is designed to look impressive, important and contain a lot of multimedia. What we don't see here in this clip, is that the main set (impressive in itself) is flanked by two huge video screens, where images or videos are shown. Even if you could barely listen to Davie's sing song, you could zone out looking at images or the pretty colors in the massive stage set.

The Academy Awards are a good comparison. The audience members feel like they are special, the elite. And at an IAS fest, each one of them is best actor, best picture etc. rolled into one, because they are Sciloons. Instead of mere entertainment, they are saving the planet.


Too right! Plus I don't think I'd need 500 hours of auditing to become brainwashed by this cult - I could feel myself falling into a trance just listening to four minutes of DM's ramblings. The audience must have just been totally numb after three hours of that.


This is very much the desired effect, imho. These events are exhausting. DM's speeches are non-stop gibberish. Flashy graphs. Glitzy "stats". This is designed to confuse and to overwhelm, all to increase the effectiveness of the "we are expanding" implant.


The Jaffa Org is open to every faith but closed for business until further notice.

Dean Fox
Dean Fox

You mean it's open in spirit only.


  That's not a contradiction.  Faiths are not businesses.  Co$ is not a faith--it has trade secrets, franchises (excuse me, missions) and says whether or not you believe in God is "up to you" but wants to know how much is in your bank account.  Would a priest or Rabbi say " whether or not you believe in God is up to you but I must know how much is in your bank account."


"Open to every faith."

It's not like Sciloontology is going to open their brainwashing business in Israel and then say "no Jews allowed."

Israel is one of the many countries which does not recognize Scientology as a religion, and I guess they'd hate to have people there make that mistake, and think they were a religion. It might hurt their income.

Gladys Kravitz
Gladys Kravitz

By the way, Davey, Sunday is a work day in Israel. Their weekend is Friday/Saturday. Oh wait, Scientologists don't have days off. Never mind.

Robert Robinson
Robert Robinson

I am a white guy, and he embarrasses me no end.  I have actually walked the streets of Inglewood, Watts and Compton at night, by myself.  I wonder, would he do the same?

Robert Robinson
Robert Robinson

Why was there a computer monitor on LRH's desk?


I can hear him roaring now: "What is this thing and where are my holy cigarettes?"


Another thing about walking every which way... Any time you see a video of an Org lobby, where people are busily walking every which way, you just KNOW they probably have ass burn, and only thing that can quench the fires of ass burn is "the tech."

Ass burn is what makes people walk like that, and hopefully before this century is over, we WILL see people walking every which way, "running out" their ass burn, both in the Jaffa Org and the new Stupid Powerz building.

MrElronious 1 Like

ahh you cut off the part where Davy explains why black people are better athletes and have bigger penis then us white folks. jk

Wow what a narrow minded fool


I would like to get Miscavige and Jimmy the Greek in a room to discuss the merits of black culture.

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