Designers of Planned Twin Towers Look-Alike in Seoul 'Regret Deeply' Resemblance

A Dutch architecture firm has designed a building in Seoul that has offended some because of its uncomfortable resemblance to the World Trade Center in a cloud of dust and smoke:

seoul twin towers cloud.jpg

The project, called "The Cloud," is the work of MVRDV, a firm in Rotterdam. It's intended to be luxury high-rises. This week the firm has issued a statement apologizing for "any connotations The Cloud projects evokes regarding 9/11."

The full statement:

MVRDV regrets deeply any connotations The Cloud projects evokes regarding 9/11.

The Cloud was designed based on parameters such as sunlight, outside spaces, living quality for inhabitants and the city. It is one of many projects in which MVRDV experiments with a raised city level to reinvent the often solitary typology of the skyscraper. It was not our intention to create an image resembling the attacks nor did we see the resemblance during the design process. We sincerely apologize to anyone whose feelings we have hurt, it was not our intention.

The design inspiration of The Cloud is visualised in the first image on our website, a cloud covering the centre of the Sky scraper.

The above-mentioned design inspiration:

seoul twin towers 2 .jpg

On their Facebook page, they add that "A real media storm has started and we receive threatening emails and calls of angry people calling us Al Qaeda lovers or worse."

The designers haven't said whether anyone thought of the resemblance before all this, but the Daily News does report that a Dutch newspaper quoted the firm's spokesman saying that the designers had considered the "obvious parallels."

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Sharon Hamersly Robinson
Sharon Hamersly Robinson

This is totally repulsive..I can't believe an architect would design this building.  Can you imagine buying a condo in this building.  How do you come home every day and not think of that tragic day.  

Christina Harrison-Scott
Christina Harrison-Scott

I think it should be sitting in NY...I think even if it is a replica of the towers it would be a beautiful memorial that will last generations and keep the memory alive. I think it's an incredible piece of engineering and very unique. Those that are complaining and living in all the negative of the past need an attitude adjustment and a positive outlook for the future. I as a NY'er would live there gladly


Not everyone is American and not everyone felt so closely to the tragedy. I know us American's tend to feel that we are the center of the world but we aren't. Their inspiration is was clear. I don't see why once again we are interfering with another country's business. What's worst is that we are suppressing creative expression, a right that we as American's cherish so much.


I have to agree with your point of view. Although it brings tears to my eyes I would love to live there and pay tribute to the ones who left us and to our strong and beautiful country! 

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