McDonald's Cashier Cleared of Assault Charges; Unemployment Down; Deadly Shooting on Q111

Rayon McIntosh, the McDonald's cashier who was videotaped beating two unruly customers with a metal rod in October, was cleared of all charges after eleven days of grand jury testimony. The Daily News reports McIntosh, who had previously served almost ten years in jail for a manslaughter rap, was being held at Rikers on assault and weapons charges. The two women who were ruled to have provoked McIntosh still are facing charges, including criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct. [NYDN]

The jobless rate has dipped below nine percent for the first time in two and a half years. The New York Times reports that at 8.6%, the unemployment rate reached its lowest point since March 2009. Employers "added 120,000 jobs last month after adding 100,000 in October." The numbers are unexpected given the Euro zone crisis and economic unease coming from Asia. However, using history as a guide, "even a modest shock wave from across the ocean could throw the American economy off course." [NYT]

A man opened fire on a packed Q111 bus in Jamaica, Queens, the Post reports. Damel Burton had fatally shot his girlfriend's son before boarding the bus loaded with 50 passengers. Burton opened fire, killing one man on the Q111 and injuring another. Burton told cops he shot and killed Marvin Gilkes, a student standing at the rear of the bus, because "I didn't like the way he was looking at me." [NYP]

A district judge in California blocked Apple's injuction against Samsung. Apple had intended to stop the company from selling their Galaxy smartphones and tablets because the line "slavishly" copied their iPad and iPod devices. The judge did however say "Apple would likely prove Samsung infringed one of its tablet patents. However, Apple had not shown that it was likely to overcome Samsung's challenges to the patent's validity."

Expect a partly cloudy day, with highs in the forties. [TWC]

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Phoenix Ares
Phoenix Ares

Oh---and I hope he sues the shit out of the DA, MC D's and the two trollops that attacked him.


Rayon McIntosh had every right to defend himself.The woman assaults Rayon.Rayon retreats.The woman breaches the counter in persuit.The other woman drops her bags and joins in.Rayon defends himself.What the media focussed on was the lashing. What the media neglected to acknowledge whas that Rayon did in fact stop beating the women when they stopped trying to get up.Two words. Castle Doctrine: let’s get those two female hoodlums in jail where they belong.Don Montalvo, TX

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