Newsweek Is Crowdsourcing Baby Names

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In a sign of the times, Newsweek is using Twitter as a handy resource names! Particularly, baby names for their deputy managing editor, Paula Szuchman, who is expecting a girl rather soonish.

According to the Newsweek Tumblr:

She's open to suggestions, any really, and mentioned in the morning meeting she'd love it if you guys would help her out. So take a look at this here momma and try and think reeeeeally hard what this baby wants to be named. Send us your suggestion with a reblog, message, or tweet (use #NamePaulasBaby) and we'll have some kind of vote early next week. OK, go!

Suggested names thus far include Rosalind, Anja, Lisette, Rory, Amanda, Leonor, "Szechuan Szuchman" (nice one), Charlee or Charleigh, Sophie, Christopher (if male) -- it's not, "Crazy Americans," and "That poor child."

We really are crowdsourcing everything, aren't we! Crowdsourcing this: Would you name your baby after something someone on Twitter suggested?

[JDoll / @thisisjendoll]

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Chillax, it doesn't seem that she's promised to give her daughter one of the names the crowd suggests.

(My suggestion: Occupy)

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