Occupy Princeton Protesters Disrupt Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Recruiting Events

Occupy Princeton -- which, yes, it exists -- mic-checked a J.P. Morgan recruiting event on Wednesday and a Goldman Sachs event, above, on Thursday. This is similar to what happened at Harvard recently, though we haven't found a bizarrely pro-Goldman editorial in The Daily Princetonian yet.

The students called the action Occupy the Info Sessions and reportedly "filed into the information sessions under the pretense of prospective applicants and interested students, dressed in business attire, providing their names and emails on sign-in sheets, picking up pamphlets and chatting with recruiters who approached them."

Here they are disrupting the J.P. Morgan event:

Note the kid's suit! Nice touch.

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Jim Mooney
Jim Mooney

Thanks to their boy Timmy, Goldman-Sachs won't be prosecuted, as they should be. They even got a special dispensation so they could speculate in commodities, raising the price of food. We can only hope the markets will do what their pal Obama refuses to do - kill this destructive and traitorous monster.

Die! Die! Die! Goldman-Sachs!

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