8,327 Kisses Occurred Under Some Giant Mistletoe in NYC This Week

On Monday and Tuesday an event went down in the Flatiron Pedestrian Plaza that involved a number of presumably happy couples lip-locking under what is reported to be "the largest pair of mistletoe in the world" measuring 10 feet tall, each with a 2-foot-wide "ball" of mistletoe. No one got hurt! 8,327 [correction: 16,654] people were enticed to kiss underneath these large green things in conjunction with FindYourFacemate.com, an online dating service that uses facial recognition software to pair people up. (Research shows that people are more likely to be attracted to others whose facial features are similar to theirs, but we'll allow you to explore that on your own, minus any relatives.)

Before you scoff at any of this -- and, for the record, you should never scoff at giant mistletoe -- know that it was, as things tend to be this season, for charity. Each kiss "gave" a dollar to Operation Smile. Despite there being just 8,327 smooches (which is a lot of making out, in our opinion), FindYourFaceMate.com is donating a full $20,000 to Operation Smile. How sweet.

Here is a quick holiday guide to kissing under mistletoe:

1. Note mistletoe.
2. Determine good kissing potential.
3. Lean forward, leading with your lips (don't fall!), or lean backward so much you are actually no longer underneath the mistletoe. Your companion thus prepared/deterred, pounce.
4. Pretend none of this ever happened.
5. Donate money to a good cause.

Speaking of public kisses, this is why it's good to practice in private before taking it to the streets:

[JDoll / @thisisjendoll]

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8,327 smooches is 16,654 people kissing.


2 people kissing, 4 lips = 1 smooch. Not counting self-smooches here.


Right, 2 people kissing results in 1 kiss. The article has the same number of people as it has kisses, which only happens if each person kisses two different people.


Of course I'm right. The Alabama public education system didn't produce no fool!


oops, you are so right. i stand corrected. 

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