Stop-and-Frisk Protesters Protest Stop-and-Frisk

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The NYPD is on track to stop and frisk 700,000 people this year.
About a hundred people gathered outside Pace University this afternoon to protest stop-and-frisk, the NYPD policy under which, over the last eight years, more than 3 million innocent New Yorkers -- overwhelmingly black and Latino -- have been stopped, questioned, and searched on the street.

The protest, organized by a network of activists called Stop Mass Incarceration, was originally scheduled to march to One Police Plaza, but a late change of plans instead sent it south, around a virtually empty Zuccotti Park and back up to Central Booking.

Noche Lares, one of the organizers, said the stop-and-frisk policy is illegal and unconstitutional.

"It's a violation of fourth- and fourteenth-amendment rights," Lares said. "Even if that weren't true, it's racist and wrong."

Johanna Fateman, the writer and musician best known for her work with Le Tigre and Men, said she was attending the march because from the windows of her Harlem apartment she sees children subjected to stop-and-frisk searches on a regular basis.

"I've been really excited about Occupy Wall Street because it's encouraged so many people to become radicalized and take to the streets," Fateman said. "But it's important to me that this new movement not just be about the issues facing the disappearing middle class, but the also the people who are affected by issues like this one every day."

A large contingent of police on foot and on scooters escorted the march, but unlike previous anti-Stop-and-Frisk protests in Harlem, Brownsville, and Jamaica, Queens, this one featured no civil disobedience and no arrests.

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It's a said song
It's a said song

Since when did the American government give a rats ass about true civil rights, or human dignity, or human civility, or  basic civil liberties like the fourth and fourteenth amendment. Just ask WE THE ORIGINAL INDIGENOUS PEOPLE of this lie of freedom and justice!  The Jesuit priests so lovingly gave us brillantly luminous beads, crucifixs, and nice warm blankets so foul and cowardly infected the blankets with infectious and deadly small pox .So that they need not to laboriously kill us for our land. Do you really think anything has changed since those days till today. I say not at all one thing. Respectfulness, compassion, sympathy, dignity are all noble and virtuous embellishment of one's mind and soul! But be not thy so delusional of low people in high places. For they are as foul as those who laid CHRIST to the cross. And they see us not as CHILDREN of our loving HOLY FATHER, GOD ALMIGHTY! For we are the LORD'S offsprings. And they that do unjust , callous acts of force or power violating our dignity will feel the fury and vehemency of our FATHER, GOD ALMIGHTS anger and rage upon them for thier deeds. NO MATTER HOW MISGUIDED THAT THIER ACTIONS ARE. Man can justify any unholy act upon his brother man. Just look at human-kinds violent disturbing acts against the inocent. Think of what thier kind did to the most inocent. Our brother CHRIST. And the joy that they toke in those hideous deeds. NOTHING HAS CHANGED FOR THE BETTER, for WE THE PEOPLE. Except our delusion of the truth of the erosion of our freedom, and civil rights. And our value as human beings in the eyes of low people in high places.

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