Would You Pay $12,500 for a Subway Sign?

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EV Grieve has noted an eBay listing of interest to New York City public transportation geeks -- there's an authentic 51" x 31", 26-pound New York City subway sign, from outside Union Square, available for a mere $12,500. The seller writes that the sign was by the stairs to the entrance and is "from the personal collection of a New York City attorney." (How and when the attorney acquired the subway sign, and why he or she gave it up, we don't know.)

"There are a few small graffiti markings on there which adds to its class," says the seller, and that is true -- you can see one on the upper right corner of the sign. But...would you pay $12,500 for a subway sign, even one in really good condition? If so, snap up this one soon, before the MTA gets wind of it! It will look fabulous in your giant apartment.

Your chance to buy a Union Square subway sign for just $12,500! [EV Grieve]

[JDoll / @thisisjendoll]

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This "collector" is hardly that...most likely a person who buys signs from the MTA for hundreds of dollars (which anyone can do) and resells them for hideous amounts of $$$ on Ebay. Something about PT Barnum, a fool and their money...but then again, if you are stupid enough to pay that price, they may be smart enough to take it...  :))

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